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We are OneLine, the agency for creative and future-oriented online marketing in Switzerland.
Locally based, globally networked. A young cross-media and solution-oriented team with specialists in every field.

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Online Marketing

Our marketing team is there for you with 100% commitment.

With sound knowledge, well-thought-out strategies, and best practical implementation, we catapult you and your company to a new level.

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Only the results counts

Successful online marketing is measurable

Because you want more visitors, more customers, and more sales. We take care of everything. Full service from one source. With OneLine, you have more time for your business, less stress, and more success guaranteed.

Analysis &

Together we analyze what your goals are and develop a personal strategy. Whether it is for lead generation, branding, or a completely new site, we will find the right concept.


Implementation &

True success lies in doing. Watch how the measures are implemented and driven forward through creativity, motivation, and commitment. You have a goal? Fasten your seat belt and let’s go.


Put up your feet and watch success roll in. We analyze the target-performance situation and keep the rudder pointing towards success!

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without leads

Few companies can survive without regular leads. The problem: generating leads is quite costly. With OneLine there is an easier, more convenient, and better alternative.

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