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10 Seo tips from an online marketing agency for 2020

10 SEO tips everyone should implement

Author: Egzon Cekaj
Date: 20.08.2020
Reading time: approx. 5 minutes

75% of all search engine users do not click on page 2, so for the year 2020: SEO is and will remain an integral part of online marketing. Our online marketing agency in Switzerland will of course tell you which SEO measures you should definitely use for an optimal ranking:

Understand how Google ticks – basic knowledge of every SEO manager

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Google has a 95% market share in Switzerland. For this reason you should positively influence your ranking on Google. To help you achieve this, our online marketing agency will explain to you briefly and concisely how Google finds pages on the net.

The net, as you can probably imagine, consists of billions of websites. These all want to be included in the index, Google’s gigantic database. To fill the index with new websites and to record page updates, search engines use so-called web crawlers. They are also known as bots or spiders. Web crawlers do nothing else but search pages for search terms all day long. They always follow new links.

In this way your website was eventually captured by Google. If a potential customer now enters a search term in Google, the most relevant search results are displayed to him within a few milliseconds. Thanks to the index!

This is exactly where the challenge lies. Among the multitude of relevant pages that are now displayed to the customer for his search term, he only looks at the topmost ones. Therefore, you have to design your website so that it is more relevant for your target group than the pages of your competitors.

By the way, use a simple trick to check whether your new website has already been registered by Google. Enter “” at Google. If results appear, the crawler has done its job. If not, you will get the information that no results were found. Find out now about important set screws that you have to use in 2020 for ranking optimisation.

Setting up robots – dealing with meta-information

With the on-page optimisation you can influence the crawler by entering an important command in the metatags. This tag is: meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow, noodp”. The tag tells search engine crawlers explicitly how they should proceed with your website. The word “index” stands for the request to include your website in the index, i.e. the database. The word “follow” tells the bot to follow all links on your website. With “noodp” you ask the webcrawler to display your page title and description in the search results. Clever? We think so too!

If you have no experience with editing meta information on your site, or are unsure, contact our online marketing agency. It consists of a young team of SEO specialists and will help you to improve your online presence. In the long term, they will secure you a place among the TOP 10 Google search results.

Content remains king in 2020

Surely you regularly deal with the texts of your website. You have probably heard the statement “quality before quantity”. We can only agree with that. It’s not the quantity that counts, but rather the quality, i.e. the added value of your texts. But it’s not only potential customers who love relevant content – search engines like Google do too. Meanwhile, the creation of good content is one of the most important tasks in search engine optimisation. Forgotten are the times when keywords were lined up in a meaningless way and have already experienced an improvement in ranking. Fortunately! Your customers want to find out about products, services or the company when they visit your website. They are looking for real added value to help them make a purchase decision. In addition, customers are much more critical today than they were ten years ago. Use your strengths! Carry them to the outside world – by talking about them!

Short- and long-tail keywords – relevance is what counts

When creating relevant content for your website, the placement of important keywords is crucial. These must be placed in a balanced way. But before you can even start writing, you need to know which keywords you need to place in the text. Keyword analysis will help you with this. But in 2020 we will go one step further. We distinguish between short and longtail keywords. The shorttail keywords are the stars among the keywords. They have a high search volume, but are highly competitive and often far too imprecise. In reality, the big corporations have already secured the shorttail keywords. Therefore it is much more difficult to achieve ranking improvements with shorttail keywords in 2020.

Your chance lies in the integration of longtail-keywords. These keywords have a lower search volume, but are much more relevant than the shorttail keywords. Therefore you should definitely check your keywords for relevance. Check synonyms that come into question and look around on the pages of your competitors. How do you solve the keyword problem? Keyword databases help you to improve your keywords. Use the research before you start writing your text.

Determine the keyword density with the help of an online marketing agency

Now you know that besides relevant keywords, their density is also important. In 2020 a keyword density of 3 – 5 % is considered optimal. Therefore our tip: Determine the total number of words per page and thus determine the optimal keyword density. The formula is: keyword density = naming of the keyword / total number of words on page x 100. Now you can place the most suitable keyword in the content in the ideal number. Your work pays off. The diligence is rewarded by Google with a better ranking and customers can read your texts easily. Great – you have done everything right!

The page performance – an important ranking factor for 10 years

For ten years now, Google has included page speed in its ranking! Therefore, on-page optimisation is not only about creating good content, but also about improving page performance. The advantage: Google provides you with a free tool to regularly check the loading times of your website.

Use this link and get a detailed evaluation of your site performance. Besides the evaluation Google shares its knowledge with you. The tips offer important clues for unused optimisation possibilities of your website. First set screws are: Image resolution and the size of files.

By the way, your hosting package can also have a negative influence on the loading times of pages. With increasing numbers of visitors, you must adapt your hosting package to the new requirements.

Reponsive design – nothing works without it in 2020

In the meantime, the classic desktop search has been replaced by the mobile search query. Reponsive design is almost the rule today. Google is reacting to the changed user behaviour. In 2018 the company introduces the Mobile First Index as a ranking factor. Mobile websites must be geared to the wishes of the users.

Texts must be readable without zooming, the size is automatically adjusted to the respective screen. Horizontal scrolling is not necessary. For optimal usability, links must not be too close to other text passages and so on. Mobile optimisation brings with it new challenges. But Google gives you a free function here too.

Via this link you can check whether your website is already sufficiently mobile-optimised or whether there is still a need for action at one point or another. Take advantage of the free offer!

Unnatural link building – punishment by Google

There has also been some progress in the use of backlinks. Wildly exchanged links that offer no added value have long since led to losses in ranking. The crawler immediately detects an accumulation of unnatural links on your site. The punishment can be harsh and destroy your hard-earned SEO successes of the past months. Therefore, think carefully about which pages you link to.

The ideal case in 2020: readers will become aware of your high-quality content. They receive added value and therefore decide to link to you – without demanding a backlink.

By the way, you can find out about the penalty if you use Google Webmaster Tools. Once you have registered, the Google Search Quality Team will inform you immediately about any problems. This gives you the chance to react immediately and avert a penalty. When it comes to link building, follow the motto: ” Less is more!

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Avoid useless subpages

Superfluous subpages and duplicate content are poison for the website ranking! Creating pages that make no sense, unnecessarily inflating websites, is still widespread nowadays. When browsing these websites, you often come across duplicate content, content that is used several times or copied from other sites. This is a serious mistake that must be corrected immediately.

For a ranking boost you should take a closer look at the structure of your website. Do you also have zombie pages that are no longer useful? Also check the texts you provide. Do they really originate from your pen or are there still passages that have been adopted?

Remove these pages immediately! A cleanup usually leads to a noticeable ranking boost. This is due to the fact that important content becomes visible after the cleanup.

Last but not least – be patient

Experienced SEO managers can tell you a thing or two about it, because improving Google rankings takes time. It can take up to 6 months before the first successes are reflected in an improved ranking. Before this happens, there are countless adjusting screws to be used. One of the most important SEO construction sites is the continuous troubleshooting and provision of high-quality content. Changing algorithms, however, never make search engine optimisation manageable – we have not known for a long time now all the factors that flow into the evaluation.

Do not get impatient! Work calmly on your goals and always focus on the quality of your website. You need support with your SEO goals? Contact our online marketing agency and make an appointment today. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, we know exactly what the challenges are. We will be happy to support you in achieving your sales targets in 2020 as well.