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The Top 10 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

OneLine carefully examined the web design trends for the new year 2021. Learn more here!

Author: Sami Gashi
Date: 12.01.2020
Reading time: ca. 6 Minuten

Businesses today face more challenges than ever before. However, gaining a comparative competitive advantage still plays a major role. But at what level does the competition now take place? Once it was word-of-mouth: in the so-called real world. But what about today? At present, the battle between companies for the favour of customers is taking place on the internet. Companies, interest groups, individual entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations are creating high-quality online presences. These pursue several goals – and if you can’t be found on the internet, you’re not alive. A well-structured and user-friendly website increases the number of contact opportunities. Accordingly, an Internet presence implies an increase in turnover. Thanks to internet presence, many companies have improved their customer service. Customer hotlines, chat systems and the possibility of e-mail enquiries have increased customer satisfaction. Furthermore, online advertising always pays off. Social media favours the generation of an international reach.

The World Wide Web has contributed to a rapid increase in corporate awareness. An Internet presence acts as a public business card. However, it is not enough to simply launch a website. An online presence is subject to constant change. OneLine enlightens about the top 10 trends that are indispensable in web design in 2021. Companies that oversleep this direction lose customers. This loss is accompanied by a loss of turnover. Moreover, companies that ignore the developments give the impression of not being up to date. In the free economy, this mistake ensures the certain demise of the company. In the following, OneLine goes into detail about the implementable, upcoming web design trends.

1. The Secret of Dark Mode

The dark mode is a popular trend in website design for both desktop and mobile devices. To viewers, dark colours appear mysterious. Magical. They bring curiosity to life. Many companies are now using this trick. They give their readers the choice between a light background or a dark mode. The darkening mode has an extraordinary effect. And: the eyes harmonise better with the dark web page variant. Another plus point that goes hand in hand with the use of Dark Mode is called sustainability. But what does this have in common with a darkening mode? – Quite a lot. Climate protection, lower power consumption and lower battery performance of smartphones and tablets result from dark pixels.

Online presences that implement this trend in 2021 show responsibility. They also enhance user-friendliness and individualise their brand. As an experienced online marketing agency, OneLine points out that darkening mode is easy to implement. The costs are low. CSS and JavaScript are among the tools that make this trend possible.

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2. A simple Way to Upgrade Images

Once upon a time, illustrations and images were absolute contrasts. Either or – web designers followed this principle. In the meantime, a different image trend dominates web design. Graphic designers prove how well photos harmonise with an illustrated picture. Goodbye boredom. Welcome creativity! Numerous mixed media are available for this purpose. They symbolise both seriousness and playfulness. These photos require courage. At the same time, they certainly convey the brand’s message. In this way, a company sets individual accents. CSS 3, SVG, GIMP and Photoshop are among the technologies that make this kind of photo enhancement possible.

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3. Immerse Yourself in the Fabulous and Multifaceted 3D Reality.

3D films enjoy great popularity. That is why numerous companies have integrated impressive 3D elements into their web design. In this way, they present their brand and corporate values to their customers in a different way: abstract and multi-faceted. 3D is one of the most promising trends in web design. This extra increases the dwell time of page visitors. Once upon a time, the use of 3D objects was associated with high costs. Web browsers also rarely supported websites that integrated 3D elements. Fortunately, these times are a thing of the past. WebGL, 3D software and JavaScript support this trend for web design. With the increasing relevance of VR, AR and MR, the popularity of this trend will continue to grow in 2021.

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4. Magnetic Headlines as A Bold Variant.

Even though bold headlines are not a new trend, they have made the leap into the 2021 web design trends section. Bold headlines are eye-catching. They decide whether the reader reads the entire paragraph or not. In combination with the right words, bold headlines act as a magnet. Companies should follow this trend to increase the dwell time of website visitors. In practice, bold headlines have proven valuable for product descriptions. Web fonts and CSS support this technology.

5. The Underestimated Effect of Neumorphism

Neumorphism sounds exotic. This is due to the combination of terms: “new” and “skeuphomorphism”. The peculiarity of neumorphism lies in the presentation of the elements. They give the impression of being connected to the user interface. Other objects, on the other hand, float above the surface. Although the idea dates back to 2014, the popularity of this design only started rolling this year. It will increase in 2021. Optimal neomorphism is characterised by minimalism. It is also distinct. Neomorphism represents a fusion of both tendencies and will transform flat symbols into authentic 3D objects. However, this trend also contains a disadvantage: creators are still working on accessibility. People with impaired vision do not recognise fixed boundaries between elements. OneLine, the web design agency, is happy to support you.

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6. Why Voice User Interfaces are Groundbreaking and Popular

Voice chatbots and virtual assistants will emerge as one of the winners in 2020 regarding web design. They will continue to enjoy this status next year. Due to their speed and efficiency, they merge out other functions. Virtual assistants make searching easier: users find typing on a smartphone or tablet annoying and time-consuming. Voice search is popular because it saves time and delivers satisfactory results.

Chat systems have made it into the breakthrough category. Companies provide their customers with assistance within a few seconds, or at worst minutes. The annoying wait at the customer hotline is a thing of the past for modern, customer-oriented and contemporary corporations. Customers describe their concerns in the chatbot. Friendly and competent employees are on hand to offer advice and assistance. Hence, the problem is often solved within a few minutes. As the number of users resorting to chatbots increases, this web design trend will grow in 2021.

7. Why Technology-Oriented Websites Need Abstract Data Presentation

Data: interesting facts or boring numbers? To answer this question, it is worth taking a look at data presentation. Website visitors pay little attention to tables and pie charts. However, this only applies to boring, tedious and long-winded objects. If, on the other hand, abstract data visualisation is used, the opposite is the case. Readers react to the presentation. Companies that are technically and production-oriented attract readers’ attention with the help of abstract visualisations. This is especially true if the objects presented convey a sense of depth and floating.

8. Use Animation to Increase the Time Visitors Spend on the Page

Animations are becoming increasingly popular in web design. This is due to the fact that they attract the viewer’s attention. A simple image is powerless compared to motion images. However, boring GIF is not one of them. Instead, the focus is on animations, which are characterised by interactivity. They also increase the impact of the brand message. Thanks to the different animations, users immerse themselves more deeply in the corporate brand. Storytelling will play a big role in 2021. Stories are more likely to be remembered by the audience and animations support successful storytelling. Parallax scrolling is a technique where animations are designed to create the impression of immersion and depth. This effect on human perception is created by the use of foreground and background. The fact that the layers move at a different pace enhances the optical illusion of parallax animation.

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9. How To Make Three-Dimensional Colours Make Conventional Colour Schemes Look Old

With the three-dimensional colour schemes, web designers bring variety into their images. The colour transitions look deceptively real. This web design method also prolongs visitors’ stay on the website. Fine shading supports this trend, which will dominate in 2021. Colour gradients convince with their imperfection since they appear natural. This effect comes into its own especially with two colours that lie next to each other. Three-dimensional colours in web design represent the striving for realism. A positive change: this is what 3D colour images stand for.

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10. Fabulous product images stimulate the imagination and encourage purchases

A product photo with a white background including product description? Monotonous. Graceless. Alien to life. If you want to convince your readers of a product, you should take a new design direction: surreal product images. Numerous e-commerce platforms use above-average item photos to enhance their internet presence. The psychological trick behind this is similar to anaesthesia: the readers’ attention increases thanks to the depiction of abstract objects. They let their imagination run free and stay longer on the platform. The result is subsequently expressed in a higher conversion rate.

However, surreal product images are not only suitable for physical objects, but also for non-tangible services, such as travelling. After all, the image of a place decides whether visitors read on and think about a journey or not. Hence, a fabulous image acts like a magnet, enticing the viewer to stay longer.

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Businesses require a website almost as much as living creatures depend on oxygen. In the meantime, however, an ordinary website is by no means enough to convert potential customers into buyers. Because conventional internet presences bore the readers. That is why new trends prevail every year. Businesses that want to achieve competitive advantages must always be up to date. After all, good service or an excellent product will not convince anyone if the providers do not present it in an exceptional way.