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7 reasons, why you should use WordPress!

Apply these 7 tips to become a WordPress professional

Author: Egzon Cekaj
Date: 09.09.2020
Reading time: approx. 5 minutes

WordPress is a buzzword that everyone who is involved with their own or professionally with web design and homepage creation knows. The success of WordPress is not a gift of coincidence. Rather, the professional WordPress repertoire is due to the swarm intelligence of countless programmers and our WordPress agency who work tirelessly on optimization. Since the release of the software in 2003, professionals and professional amateurs have been working on the constant updating and perfecting of WordPress. The uniqueness of this software consists of many convincing components, of which the seven largest are as follows.

1. WordPress is professional


Certainly, point 1 can be argued that WordPress is free. But free modular systems for your own homepages are a dime a dozen. At point 1, it is therefore undeniable that WordPress is convincingly professional. Although the WordPress career began with private blogs, professionals quickly realised that this website system was playing in the upper league. Because with WordPress no wishes remain open. Perfect for a specialisation as a WordPress agency. Search engine optimisation, navigation-safe structure, ideal presentation, professional enhancements and self-design options make WordPress a system that reflects absolute professionalism for all industries. And this professionalism also includes the fact that no two WordPress sites are alike. Individuality and the highlighting of one’s own corporate identity contribute significantly to the professional success of the software.

2. WordPress is free, ad-free & Open Source

Closely followed by the unbeatable professionalism of WordPress, the price question is in second place. WordPress is free of charge and yet free of advertising. Finding a professional modular system for homepages that offers unlimited design freedom is not available for free anywhere. The open source program allows programmers, resourceful people and web design agencies to enjoy all individual freedoms. The system is redesigned as required with all the desired functions and design elements. And it doesn’t cost a cent, because it is installed on your own server to work freely with it. The only often single-digit costs are those for your own storage space or domain. But the software itself costs nothing.

WordPress also offers a system under WordPress.com on its own servers. But it is better you install the software on your own storage space, so that all functions can be used extensively and free of charge. Furthermore, the design possibilities of the free version of WordPress are more extensive than on the space version. The free version for your own web space is available for free download at WordPress.org. So everyone becomes owner of his own homepage in a few minutes, which he can design according to his own taste.

3. WordPress is versatile & suitable for everyone and everything

Due to the disclosed programming and the immense design possibilities WordPress offers professional design space for every kind of website. Plugins and themes allow extensions up to a complete redesign of the existing basis. Themes are design templates that can be individually adapted to your own requirements. Plugins are additional programmings, which perfect and extend the functions of the own homepage. Accordingly, not only bloggers find true joy in WordPress. Meanwhile the software is so extensively professional that everything is possible with WordPress, from portfolio to webstore and online shop:

– private & professional blogs, company blogs & advice pages

– Portfolios, applicant pages & simple and complex company profiles

– Company websites & freelancer homepages

– Webstores, online shops & e-commerce

– Online Galleries & Download Centre

Social media sites, group platforms & forum portals

– Rating portals & club member pages

– Job exchanges & company directories

– eLearning websites & FAQ homepages

– Collecting votes or donations

– Voucher portals & lottery pages

– Databases for facts and much more

So with WordPress, the question does not arise whether the software is suitable for your own projects. The focus is rather on which of the many possibilities you can use on your own website.

4. WordPress can be completely adapted & extended

Whether creative or functional, WordPress is based on an always up-to-date PHP version and can therefore be extended with any programming and display language. The adaptability is possible by all the countless plug-ins that are available. Because WordPress is open source and can be extended by any person or WordPress agency, the range of plugins is limitless. Whether calendar function, webshop system, gallery or simply a comprehensive contact form, WordPress makes it possible. A download, a few clicks and the extension is already public and functional on your own WordPress website. But the best thing about it is that all plug-ins can also be modified and redesigned according to your own wishes. Matching the homepage, matching the company offer and matching the own corporate identity.

5. You can maintain WordPress

For amateurs, hobby web designers and professionals as well as for a WordPress agency, the extensive, functional CMS of WordPress is the best asset. The so-called Content Management System of WordPress contains all design possibilities at a glance. It is functional and logically structured in itself. In addition, it is available in several languages, so that everyone can understand it. Accordingly, it requires only a little training, but no immense background knowledge to manage your own homepage yourself. It is even possible to quickly update an appointment, add a new subpage or publish an article at home in the evening. This saves time, money and is also fun. Managing your own website yourself is possible in no time with WordPress – even for laymen.

6. Search engines love WordPress

WordPress is not only extremely popular with non-experts and in our WordPress agency. Search engines like Google also find their way around WordPress pages perfectly. Due to the possibility of installing professional SEO plugins free of charge, search engine optimisation is used in a targeted and page-conform way. The Unique Selling Point becomes the best keyword of the search engine, so that new customers find their own homepage pointedly on the net. WordPress purposefully integrates search engine optimisation not only in the form of keywords, but also in images. Furthermore, extensively designed plug-ins check texts and transmit the analysis within seconds with suggestions for improvement to the user. Thus, the search engine optimisation for your own homepage is optimised according to the latest algorithms. The best guarantee for secure findability on the net.


7. Huge WordPress community ensures absolute security

The fact that WordPress is so extensive and creative is due to the huge community that WordPress belongs to. Due to the immense distribution of the software and the open source principle, functionality and effectiveness are constantly expanding. Countless plugins, themes and improvements are added to WordPress daily. This also means that WordPress is always up to date with the latest programming. And only if this basis exists, the highest possible security for the system and the website can be guaranteed. This is another advantage of this large WordPress community.

Questions always come up, even with professionals. For example, how a plugin can be individually optimised or a design perfected and extended. The sticking point is that this question can simply be entered into Google. Due to the wide distribution and the versatile use of WordPress, the answers to all questions can be found after only a few clicks. WordPress is therefore also the guarantor for the help to self-help.

Conclusion – Why a WordPress agency is recommended

In conclusion, we can summarise it that no alternative can replace WordPress. The extensive and above all free possibilities form the basis. The fact that WordPress is also free of charge shows that there is no catch. The easy handling convinces not only laymen, but also professional WordPress agencies. That is why WordPress is suitable for every person and all industries:

– Private individuals, bloggers & influencers

– small companies, craftsmen & freelancers

– medium and large enterprises

– Associations of all kinds

– Academics, doctors, therapists & law firms

– artists, such as photographers, videographers or painters

– Web agencies, web designers, content writers & graphic artists

– and everyone who has his own homepage, web shop or 

wishes to establish a social media platform

Accordingly there is currently no comparable or better homepage software on the market! WordPress is a system with countless individual faces, because no two WordPress websites are alike – a guarantee for success!