How is online marketing changing?

The purchasing behaviour of consumers is changing faster and faster. In addition, the issues of sustainability, transparency and product quality are becoming increasingly important. This...


Online MarketingGlossary Online Marketing Glossary A Abandonment rate The percentage of visitors who leave the homepage without any action. Also called bounce rate. Ads Online...

Online Marketing Agency

Online marketing is constantly being updated thats why, a good online marketing agency is helpful to keep track of the latest developments.

Analysis Phase

If a campaign does not achieve the desired effect, you can quickly recognize this with the help of analysis tools and also adjust it immediately.

Setup Google Display Ads

How to setup a campaign in GoogleAds? Chosse a suitable Name and Goal of your campaign with targeting the correct demographics.

Google Ads

Most people are already familiar with the term Google Ads and they also know their advantages of Google as a search engine and advertising platform.


Online Marketing Agency The online marketing agency OneLine combines high quality content, successful ranking with SEO, social media marketing and optimized landing pages to an...