Pagespeed and the perfect URL

Search engine algorithms or crawlers can handle comprehensible URLs better and therefore rate them more positively in their rankings.

Google Mobile-First Indexing – 11 Mobile SEO Tips

In the past, website optimization for mobile devices was just a so-called “plus” for entrepreneurs and web designers. Neither marketing managers nor website owners paid...

Why is Mobile SEO more important than ever?

A superior internet presence: This was once the necessary condition for companies, organizations, clubs as well as associations to successfully prevail on the market against...

Mobile SEO

With mobile-first indexing, a mobile-optimized website becomes a must-have A new era is entering – in search engine optimization. The name for this change is...

Internal & External Links

Content Writing Internal & External Links Content Writing Agency Internal linking Internal links are hyperlinks that form links to sub-pages within a domain. With the...

No Follow & Broken Links

Search Engine Optimization NoFollow & Broken Links SEO Agency NoFollow Links Google introduced the so-called NoFollow attribute in 2005. Google employees Matt Cutts and Jason...

Create Unique Content

Unique content is defined as individually adapted to the respective context and at best it is of high quality for the reader.

SSL Zertificate

Websites without modern security measures, i.e. without TLS or SSL certificates, have been marked as insecure in browsers for quite some time.


Online MarketingGlossary Online Marketing Glossary A Abandonment rate The percentage of visitors who leave the homepage without any action. Also called bounce rate. Ads Online...

Find trust domains and apply SEO tools

Please keep an eye on the SEO metrics before buying an expired domain since they offer significant validity about the domain strength.