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Beeing Search Engine Friendly

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Beeing Search Engine Friendly

Google’s web crawler indexes not only the content (content/text) of a website but also the URL, which should contain one or more keywords. A so-called speaking URL could be structured as follows:
webdesign-and-seo-from-zurich-services.html (example for the fictional website “Services”)

In addition to the word “Services”, this URL also consists of two keywords (Webdesign, SEO) as well as the company’s headquarter (Zurich) and is accordingly indexed by Google. You need to ensure that keywords are applicable on their respective site.


Search Engine Friendly Redirection

You have decided on a new domain and want to direct visitors from the old website to the new domain from now on? Please remember to use search engine friendly redirection or the 301 redirect code since this code ensures that the ranking of your homepage is kept by Google and the page rank is transferred.

Paste the following PHP code into the site/file on your old domain:


header(“Status: 301 Moved Permanently”);




Please amend

Important: The file on your previous domain needs to end with *.php. If necessary, change the file index.html to index.php and then delete the file index.html.

In order for Google to be able to redirect your old sites to the new sites, it is crucial to inform Google that the old file (e.g. index.html) is still accessible (in theory).

Create a file with the name .htaccess. Now insert the following code into this file:

RewriteEngine on


RewriteRule index.html$ index.php

Now, Google is told to use the (new) file index.php when the (fictional) file index.html is being requested. Since the file index.php directs to the new domain, only the content on the new domain ( will be indexed from now on!


SEO Marketing Agency

Choice of the domain name

The name of the domain can contribute to getting your website indexed faster which ultimately leads to a positive rating by Google. For that, the following factors are essential:

  •         The domain name contains an important keyword that fits the topic of your website and is also mentioned increasingly on the homepage, in the description and in the title.
  •         The domain name is short and concise. This principle applies to visitors and not bots. Because this makes it easier to remember the domain name and the potential visitor will come back (= which in turn is important to Google!
  •         The domain name does not contain hyphens, unless there are two words that are related to each other. Here are three examples:


Example I



Example II



Example III


Of course, it is also possible to achieve a good ranking with a unique or individual domain name – see and Depending on supply and demand, these domains can be found in the top positions on Google in the long term. In recent years, the relevance of including subject-related words in the domain name has decreased but can still be of importance when it comes to newly registered domains!


Usability Factors to increase SEO Success

Usability is not only important for the user, but also for Google and should always be a priority in addition to the implementation of SEO on-page measures. When it comes to usability, I refer to the following factors:
(1) short loading times
(2) mobile-friendly (responsive design or mobile website)
(3) pleasant font size
(4) comprehensible link texts
(5) excellent internal link structure
(6) informative titles and headlines
(7) captions – cue accessibility!
(8) no or few advertisements, if possible
(9) very good spelling and grammar

One would assume that most web workers have these factors on their agenda when building a website. After all, who wants to frighten potential users? Even though I and many other website operators take these things for granted, there is still a great number of webmasters who do not care much for these essential factors.