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Online marketing covers a wide range, from search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and mobile marketing to social media marketing. However, the basic goal is to win new customers and increase online sales, for example, for online shops or service providers.

Online marketing is particularly important because this form of marketing is extremely close to the customer. The direct contact to the customer creates new possibilities and enables targeted and, therefore, effective advertising.

A simple website already forms the basis of online marketing for customer retention but also for new customer acquisition. Display marketing makes use of advertising, for example, in the form of banners. Search engine marketing is used to bring customers to the website. Content marketing is based on the creation of exciting content. E-mail marketing describes the sending of newsletters, whereas social media marketing reaches customers via social networks.

Above all, digital marketing can help attract new customers and boost the company’s turnover. Compared to traditional advertising in a daily newspaper, digital marketing makes it possible to address specific target groups and, thus, use the advertising budget effectively and efficiently.

There are many ways to differentiate your brand from the competition. These include not only special product quality, but above all, the products should arouse and inspire emotions in customers and should not be interchangeable.

Data-driven marketing is targeted marketing measures that are carried out on the basis of collected or existing customer data and are, therefore, particularly effective. In this way, the interesting target group can be addressed in a targeted manner.

With the help of performance marketing, the reaction of the target group addressed can be recorded, and the success of the marketing measure can thus be directly evaluated. Performance Marketing is only possible online.

Personal Branding describes the representation of a single person to a brand, whose awareness is to be increased.

Target groups are a special group of users who are of particular interest to companies, for example, because they reflect typical customers and are therefore considered to be interested in the products and services.

Most helpful are the measurements of the general number of visitors as well as the behavior of the users, for example, to optimize the page layout or to analyze how potential customers can be made to buy a product.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers companies the opportunity to place advertising on the Internet and to do search engine marketing. The ads, usually small texts, are displayed in the search results or on various websites.

Google Adwords is in the broadest sense paid search engine results, which are usually displayed at the top of the page. Advertisements are delivered through a bidding process, which means that the advertiser who spends the most budget gets the best search results. The definition of keywords determines the search queries for which the advertisements are displayed.

Google Ads is used to reach additional visitors, i.e., potential customers, with the search results. For example, if search engine optimization (SEO) is not sufficient because there are too many (better) suppliers on the market.

If Google Adwords is used correctly, success can be very effective. However, this requires budget, keywords, and target groups to be appropriately defined.

Companies can decide for themselves how much budget they want to spend on their ads. Usually, the billing is done by click, whereby – depending on the goal – only small amounts are due.

CPC stands for Cost per Click and describes a billing method in which Advertisers don’t have to pay per impression, but per click on the ad.

The interaction rate describes the ratio of page impressions and user interactions, such as clicks. The interaction rate is measured in percent.

The conversion rate describes the percentage of users who carry out an action, for example, placing an order in the online shop. Optimizing the conversion rate increases the sales figures, for example.

Google Analytics offers the possibility of evaluating all visitors to a website and their behaviour on the page. This also includes specific data such as origin, end device, or web browser.

Display Marketing

Display Marketing describes the classic presentation of advertisements, comparable to the advertisement in a daily newspaper. On the Internet, this mainly involves banners or image content.

Display Marketing is used to make new potential customers aware of your products or services, for example, for new companies in the market.

Web Design

Web Design describes the visual, structural, content, and functional design of internet pages.

Web design includes the design and creation of internet pages, but also the continuous maintenance and development of the contents. The focus is on the visual as well as the structural and functional development.

There are many factors that must be considered in web design. Good accessibility of the contents, a sufficient search engine optimization (SEO), as well as an appealing appearance are only three of the numerous points that a web designer should consider when creating an internet presence.

Web design is mainly in programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript API. In addition, there are basics of image and text editing as well as design to create appealing websites and internet presences.

Web design is an important component of online marketing. A good web presence can convince customers and bring them to interact, which in turn is reflected in the success of the company.

Web design can be compared to the shop window of a shop. Companies present themselves and their products on their own website. This makes web design very important because first impressions count.

Every user navigates the Internet in different ways – on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Responsive web design is important to ensure a user-friendly website on all devices.

Responsive web design describes the creation of a website whose layout adapts itself flexibly to the different widths of the end devices. Thus, the web presence can be visited equally user-friendly with computer, tablet, or smartphone. Especially in the current time, in which many users surf predominantly with their mobile phones, responsive web design is an important component for the perfect presentation.

A good web design convinces customers and boosts sales. The important part of online marketing is a cornerstone for the presence on the Internet.

Web design is needed by companies who want to build up their (new) internet presence to attract new customers or to sell products online.

If you want to create your own website, you should first familiarize yourself with the basics. There are providers who offer special construction kits. In this case, the own part of programming is kept within limits, but the possibilities are limited. The complete construction of an own website is much more complex, but, in retrospect, it stands out from the masses.

There are literature, seminars, and online trainings to learn web design. As an amateur, it is sometimes difficult to keep track and find the best way to learn. Books are especially to be enjoyed with caution because trends develop very fast. Good online courses, therefore, offer a good opportunity to start with web design.

The cost of web design depends on various factors, such as the size of the website, the wishes of the customer, or the professionalism of the developer. It is not possible to give a fixed price, comparable to the price of a car, which is also very versatile.

The question about the cost of web design is comparable to the question about the price of a car. There are countless variations, possibilities, and factors that play a role in the cost of web design.

There are different programs that are suitable for web design. If you want to program the website completely by yourself, you are well-positioned with classic editors for HTML, CSS or PHP. WordPress or Joomla are content management systems, on the basis of which a web design can be built. It is even easier with special construction kits, such as Jimdo or Wixx, which already provide the prerequisites for good web design.

When creating a website, web designers cannot forgo HTML. This allows for creating even small pages with little content. For complex sites, CSS is also required as well as PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

Call to Action (CTA) is a clear call to action, for example, through images and text, to get potential customers to contact you or buy products.

Choosing the right resolution is not always easy. Users who access the website with a smartphone need a lower resolution than users who surf the web on a computer. The answer to this problem is responsive web design. In this case, the resolution of the website adapts to the corresponding end device.

Colors play an important role in web design to create appealing internet pages. Which colors fit together and which do not, is often a matter of taste. Various tools, such as contrast-ratio.com or WhoCanUse.com, offer the possibility to test the interaction of different colors.

Which font is chosen on the website is usually left to the customers themselves. The most important thing is that the texts are easy to read and that the font is web-safe, i.e. that it is visible to all users as planned.

Lead Generation

Lead generation means the acquisition of interested parties and potential customers, for example, through competitions, product samples, newsletters, or social media activities.

A lead describes a qualified contact with a potential customer who discloses his contact details and is therefore highly likely to use a company’s products or services.

Lead management is the term used to describe a company’s measures to increase customer loyalty, for example, by sending out a newsletter to convince customers to buy a product.

There are various ways of generating leads, both off- and online. One of the best known online measures are lotteries, vouchers, or also product samples, where the customers give their data.

Lead generation, i.e., “prospect acquisition,” is relevant for companies that want to collect user data in order to address potential customers and thus increase sales.

CPL stands for cost per lead and describes a billing procedure for advertising in which advertisers only pay the budget after the lead has been executed, for example, the acquisition of contact addresses

E-Mail Marketing

Newsletter marketing describes contact with potential customers via a classic newsletter, which is usually sent by e-mail in order to win new customers or strengthen customer loyalty.

E-mail marketing is important for companies who want to keep or strengthen contact with their customers, for example, to make new products known and, thus, increase sales figures.

There are several providers that offer a simple newsletter creation and recipient management. The most important thing is that the subject is attractively designed, and the content is kept short. Newsletters that are perceived as spam mail are not effective.

There are various newsletter tools that not only simplify the creation of the newsletter but also the sending and administration of the recipients. Among the best-known providers are Newsletter2Go, CleverReach, GetResponse, SendInBlue or Rapidmail.


SEO describes the search engine optimization, i.e., the adaptation of various factors to achieve the best possible ranking in the search results. Because the further up the page appears, the more often it is clicked by the users.

The ranking in the search engines is based on a complex algorithm that takes into account keywords, for example, or loading times, unique content, the meta description or backlinks, and visitor numbers.

SEO, i.e., search engine optimization, is necessary for everyone who wants to increase the number of visitors on his website and thus gain new customers, for example, for the sale of products or services.

Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is necessary to stand up to the competition and to attract customers’ attention at all. The best web presence is of no use if it cannot be found by potential customers.

For perfect search engine optimization, important keywords, unique content, secure SSL certificates, short loading times, user-friendly links, or the well-known META Description play an important role.

To make search engine optimization, several points should be considered. First and foremost, unique content is required. For this reason, no text should be copied or taken from press releases. Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the important keywords and to update the site regularly.

Search engine optimization includes several factors, such as choosing the right keywords, suitable page titles, a good technical structure with appropriate loading times, and unique content.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that never ends. The website must be constantly maintained and updated to achieve a good ranking in the search results.

It may take a few months for the results to be reflected. During this time, a relationship of trust and dialogue with the users is established, and potential customers are slowly convinced of products or services.

It is not always easy to find a good SEO agency that does a good job. It is, of course, helpful if the provider is well ranked in the search engines. After all, that is the goal of the customers. Other factors that characterize a good SEO agency are size, references, or expertise, which can usually be found out in the initial interview.

For search engine optimization, factors such as loading times, keyword density, visitor numbers, unique content or good networking of the website on other sites play an important role.

A backlink describes an external link from another website. This mutual networking also plays an important role in search engine optimisation, whereby it is important to ensure that good backlinks can be found on trustworthy sites.

The linking and mentioning on other websites is also beneficial for search engine optimization. Almost as if someone would recommend an Italian around the corner. Reciprocal links are a way to get mentioned on other websites. Guest contributions and reviews can also serve to establish additional links.

A regular update of your own website is important, both in terms of content (images, text, video) and technology (loading times, security, structure), in order to promote search engine optimization (SEO). The timing depends mainly on the type of update and new content or techniques.

Keywords, are search terms that potential customers can use to reach the website. Good keywords are particularly targeted and not comprehensively formulated. Otherwise, they lose their effect.

The choice of the right keywords is an important factor for search engine optimization. Therefore the right keywords should be well researched. With tools like Google Trends, keywords can be analyzed, and suitable additions can be found.

The SEO title is nothing else than the page title, which is displayed first in the search results. Therefore, a uniqueness, a maximum length of 55 characters, and the mention of the most important keywords are essential.

The term slug describes the back part of a URL that is read by the search engines. It is true that a meaningful slug improves the ranking in the search results.

KPI, which stands for Key Performance Indicator, describes key figures that define the success of a company. Important KPIs are, for example, the number of visitors, the conversion rate, the leads, and the commitment of the visitors.

The bounce rate describes the leaving of visitors from your own website who have only visited one page without switching to sub-pages or performing interactions such as orders.

A perfect search engine optimization cannot be achieved overnight. It is an ongoing process that never ends.

When the effects of search engine optimization are noticeable cannot be defined in a generalized way.

Content Writing

Content marketing describes the acquisition of potential customers through exciting and unique content, for example, newsletters, social media, or blogs.

Companies should make sure that they create targeted content for the suitable target group, which is also unique and attracts the interest of the users.

Inbound marketing describes the measure used to draw the attention of potential customers to the company and to convince them through exciting content such as blogs or social media.

Content writing is part of search engine optimization (SEO) and is required, for example, for companies that want to keep their website up to date in order to convince new visitors and, therefore, potential customers.

A content writer writes special content that is particularly suitable with regard to search engine optimization (SEO), for example, because it contains certain keywords, has a suitable length, or is unique.

Content writers, who are usually freelancers, can be found via various portals and agencies. They can be hired either directly or via the various providers.

There are various portals and agencies through which companies can have appropriate texts written for their purposes.

If you run a blog, you should make sure that your texts are up to date. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and increases the number of visitors. It is not necessary to publish a new blog post every day. However, a fixed schedule, for example, twice a week, is useful so that interested readers can follow it.

There are several tips to follow to get people to read your content for example, an appealing headline or an exciting story behind the text. Longer content, with more than 1,500 words, will be displayed higher up in the search engines. In addition, activity on social networks can help to attract new readers.

Basically, it is better to create long content that has more than 1,500 words. Google sees an added value for the reader in this and shows these results further up. However, attention should not only be paid to the length but also to the quality of the content.

Interactive content is content that users can interact with, such as before and after pictures, quizzes or games, and interactive maps.

Magento Support

Magento is an e-commerce pieces of software that provides a good basis for the creation of an online shop and also enables product and customer management.

Magento offers a good foundation for the creation of an online shop. This includes a good content management system, an integrated search engine optimization (SEO), and various marketing and promotion tools.

Magento offers e-commerce software for online shops that can be installed and used either on the customer’s own web server or on the Magento cloud offering.

For the installation of Magento, a web-based installation wizard is available to assist the user with the setup. Alternatively, there are other ways to install Magento, such as the command-line tool.

Magento is a good basis for online shops on the Internet. This also includes product and customer management. It is not without reason that many companies rely on e-commerce software.

Magento, one of the best-known e-commerce software, is needed for sellers who run an online shop and sell their products or services over the Internet.

There are many well-known online shops that use Magento e-commerce software. These include, for example, WMF, Amorelie, or MUAU Schmuck.

The open-source version of Magento is free The enterprise version, which is especially suitable for large companies and offers additional support, can cost around $2,000 per month.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Influencers are users in social networks that have a high number of followers and thus a strong influence on specific target groups as well as on society in general.

Micro-influencers are influencers who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers and therefore a limited range. You have a high selection of different influencers. They have strong trust from the followers and above-average interaction rates.

Nano Influencers are users who have less than 1’000 followers. Although they have a limited reach, but their interaction rate and credibility is very high.

This type of influencers has follower numbers in the six- to seven-digit range. They have a high reach and very loyal fans. There are different interests among the followers.

Influencer marketing is important for companies that reach their target group via social networks and make their products or services known by working with influencers who are generally highly respected and have a wide reach.

Social networks enable direct contact with customers. For companies, this can serve not only as a risk, but above all as a great opportunity to interact with potential customers.

The choice of social networks depends mainly on the target group and the products or services of a company. On Facebook, for example, older people can also be found, whereas Instagram or Snapchat is particularly popular with younger users. In principle, activity in all social media and mutual networking is an advantage.

The perception of a brand in social networks is an important issue that companies should not ignore. Users follow a brand in order to experience exciting news and interactions. A high proportion of self-promotion can have negative effects as well as poor customer service and lack of feedback on critical comments.

Snapchat is a free messaging app for smartphones that allows users to send each other pictures and videos.

Snapchat is used by more than 200 million people worldwide (as of October 2019). However, most users are no older than 24 years, which makes the platform very popular, especially among younger people.

If you want to place ads on Snapchat, you first need a business account. Afterwards, there are several ways to win new customers. The Snapchat Ads are maximum ten-second video advertising clips. In the Story Ads, the product can be advertised for 24 hours, and the filters are a graphical overlay that all users can use.

The classic forms of advertising on Snapchat include the Snap Ads. This is a video ad with a maximum length of 10 seconds, where users can view more information if they wish. Other forms include sponsored lenses or sponsored geo-filters.

Tiktok is an app that allows users to add popular music to recorded videos to create fun videos, usually no longer than fifteen seconds.

TikTok is an app that allows users to add popular music to recorded videos to create fun videos, usually no longer than fifteen seconds.

Tiktok is considered the main competitor to Snapchat and has around 800 million users worldwide (as of October 2019), although around 500 million of these are from China. This is also where the network originated. Similar to Snapchat, almost 70 percent of the users are younger than 24 years.

Instagram is a social network where you can post pictures and videos and share them with friends.

Unlike Facebook, where text or links can be posted, Instagram is the social network of images. That’s why it’s important to post compelling photographs that inspire users and encourage interaction.

In order to increase the reach of Instagram and grow the number of followers, regular interaction with users is required. Creating stories, using the right hashtags, and responding to comments are important building blocks to increase the number of followers.

Various evaluations have shown that there are special times when many users are active on Instagram. The post could, therefore, receive a particularly large number of likes. The best time to post on Instagram is, therefore, during the week between 6 and 7:30 pm and on weekends from 11 pm.

The presence of companies at Instagram is important to keep up with the times and attract potential customers. Social networks have a strong influence on society.

Yes, creating and maintaining a business account on Instagram is free of charge.

Advertising on Instagram is worthwhile for all companies that find their target audience on the platform. These are mainly younger users, aged between 18 and 29 years (as of October 2019). The proportion of women is slightly higher than men at 59 percent. Interesting topics, which companies can advertise perfectly on Instagram, are mainly travel, beauty, fashion, and fitness as well as food.

The cost of an advertisement on Instagram depends on the type of advertisement and the payment option. Advertisements can be placed as a story or as an article in the feed. Billing is done as CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action) or CPM (cost per mille). Advertisers can determine themselves which budget is to be used for advertising.

Instagram belongs to Facebook. The social network’s ad manager also allows you to define the audience for advertising on Instagram. For example, advertisers can select the age, origin, or interests of the users to whom the ad is to be displayed.

Advertising on Instagram is always worthwhile for companies if they can reach the right target group on the platform and attract attention from users with their advertising.

Different image formats apply depending on whether the image is displayed in the story or in the feed. In the stream, the photos can be either landscape or portrait. In the story, however, the picture must be displayed in portrait format and should have a ratio of 16:9.

As with the images, the video on Instagram is in the same format. In the feed, the videos can also be in landscape format; in the stories they should be played in portrait format. For videos, Instagram offers a special way to make longer videos visible to users with the IGTV.

Facebook is a social network that allows users to keep in touch with their friends around the world, follow celebrities or companies, and share text, pictures, and videos.

Facebook has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide who are active every day. This makes the social network one of the most important platforms for companies to market products or services in a targeted manner.

There are several ways to make your Facebook page known. The use of hashtags and links on your own website can help. It is also recommended to post regular content that fans can interact with. With good and regular maintenance, the number of followers will automatically increase.

Facebook offers an easy way to place the perfect ad in terms of placement and target group with the ad manager. Thanks to the automatic placement, fast advertisements with good results are also possible.

Just like on Instagram, you can define the target groups for Facebook in the social network ad manager. Here, companies can select and define the users that fit their needs (age, origin, interests, etc.).

Depending on where the image is going to be used on Facebook, different image formats apply. For the cover picture, for example, a picture size of 828 x 315 pixels is recommended, as it is displayed in this size on computers. The profile picture is required in square format. For normal contributions, an image with a size of 1200 x 630 pixels is recommended.

Twitter offers users the opportunity to post short text messages of up to 280 characters and share them with friends.

Twitter offers users and companies the opportunity to publish short text messages in the form of a “tweet” to their followers. Originally, only 140 characters were allowed, but since November 2017, users have even been able to use 280 characters for a tweet.

Twitter Ads offers companies the opportunity to publish advertising in the form of sponsored posts on Twitter.

Twitter Ads, i.e., advertisements on Twitter, are particularly suitable for companies that reach their target group in this social network. About half of all users are between 20 and 39 years old, and there are few potential customers in the younger or older age groups. In addition, male users are slightly in the majority at about 53 percent.

LinkedIn is a social network that, unlike Facebook, specializes in professional and career opportunities, and is, therefore, particularly suitable for maintaining professional contacts.

LinkedIn is considered an important marketing platform for companies, on which numerous companies and influential people are represented. LinkedIn, therefore, offers a good opportunity to make your products or services known through word of mouth but also through exciting content.

With LinkedIn Ads, companies can place their advertising on LinkedIn in the form of sponsored articles.

In contrast to Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn can be used to reach executives, decision-makers, or new employees. LinkedIn Ads and B2B activity can help accelerate business growth.

LinkedIn is particularly useful for companies that operate at the B2B level and do not necessarily want to reach end customers with their advertising, for example, to increase sales.

In contrast to Facebook, where funny cat videos can also be posted, LinkedIn should only distribute business content. This includes images and text that can be helpful for users’ careers, for example, by offering tips on career or business growth. It is also important that the content has a confidential source and is appropriate for your own industry.

A flood of hashtags, such as those frequently used in Instagram, is not recommended for LinkedIn. Also, the way of choosing hashtags should be adapted to professional topics. The platform itself gives some tips for this and mentions, for example, the hashtags #Productivity, #Careers, or #SocialEntrepreneurship as suitable options.

For native videos as a normal contribution, a resolution in the range between 256 x 144 pixels and 4096 x 2304 pixels is recommended. Advertising videos should have a resolution of 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p.

Pinterest is an online bulletin board for graphics and photos and is suitable as an exchange of hobby, profession, or interests.

An impression on Pinterest describes the presentation of a pin, for example, in the feed, in search results or on a corresponding board.

A pin on Pinterest is nothing more than a normal post on Facebook or Instagram.

Even though the user numbers (as of October 2019) on Pinterest are not as high as on other social networks, the platform has proven to be an important marketing opportunity for companies. Users show a high buying interest, which companies can take advantage of.

To place advertising on Pinterest, a free business account is required. Afterwards the advertising can be activated, whereby only published pins, i.e., existing articles on Pinterest, can be advertised.

A pin on Pinterest, i.e., a photo contribution, should be displayed in a 2:3 format and have a resolution of 600 x 900 pixels.


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