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Our Google Ads agency in Switzerland will set up advertising for you in the Google search engine using the Google Ads program. It is already known to many companies as Google Adwords and has existed since 2000. In July 2018, Google changed the name to Google Ads and also gave the service a new logo. Our Google Ads agency Zug can use the program to place SEO-optimized ads for you.

 When the user searches for a specific term that appears in your ad, it appears at the top of the search results. You can also influence the placement by using the CpC (cost per click). But this is not the only factor that affects the ranking of the ad in search results. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a professional Google Ads agency.

Google Ads Agency Zug

Google Ads vs. SEO

As a Google Ads agency in Zug, we are often asked whether it is not enough to strive for a good position on Google with the help of SEO (search engine optimization). This question is particularly interesting because elements of SEO – namely the use of keywords – are equally important for Google Ads. A well optimized ad with a lower click price could even rank better than a poorly optimized ad with a high click price. This means: If you don’t pay attention to SEO, you could burn money with Google Ads in the worst case. So it is obvious that some marketers want to do without the paid Google ads altogether and instead aim for a good ranking with the help of search engine optimization alone. But this thought does not go far enough. 

Of course, SEO is also important without Google Ads, and as Google Ads Agency Switzerland, we also carry out corresponding measures. But there are industries in which you cannot get around paid advertising. For example, if you run a fashion store or sell wine, you are exposed to incredibly strong competition. For certain search queries such as “spring collection 2020” – a typical fashion keyword – Google delivers over 225,000 hits. If you want to survive in this competitive environment, you need Google Ads. Otherwise you will end up somewhere between page 5 and 30 on Google. 

Nobody looks there anymore. However, if we as Google Ads agency in Zug create a tangible campaign for your fashion business, you can more or less determine your position on Google yourself via the click price. The ads are optimized according to the latest SEO criteria. No competitor does it better. Now you decide how much a click on your ad is worth to you. If your competitor offers 20 centimes per click with an equally beautifully optimised ad and you decide on 21 centimes, your ad will appear further up. The prices are automatically auctioned. You do not need to know the bids of your competitors. Simply increase your bid per click centime by centime until you are at the position you want.

Why you should hire a Google Ads agency

The functions of Google Ads must be understood correctly. In essence, they are based on the correct use of keywords (keywords). With their help, you as an advertiser determine in advance that your ad will appear among those results that are relevant for the keyword in question. Of course, you can specify several keywords and also long-tail keywords (combinations of terms such as “BMW car dealership in Zurich”). But the use of keywords needs to be well considered. Google offers a search for the right keywords using special tools, the use of which in turn requires a certain expertise. 

This is our task as Google Ads Agency Switzerland. Controlling the ad position via the CpC also requires a lot of tact and sensitivity. You can also increase or decrease the click price on certain days of the week or even at certain times of the day – depending on when you hope for the highest interest of your clientele. However, you should not rely on your gut feeling: Certain tools such as Google Analytics allow you to precisely control the number of hits. 

The conversion rate can also be determined. It’s important because there are times when people like to find out about offers but don’t buy much. Conversely, there are phases with a high conversion rate despite comparatively low access rates. These instruments have to be mastered and the results have to be interpreted appropriately. This is the task of a Google Ads agency.

6 advantages of Google Ads

Google’s advertising program has a number of remarkable advantages. An overview:

  1. You pay only for the clicks on the ad. Every centime used has really led to an interested party.
  2. You can control the costs of the advertisement precisely via the CpC.
  3. The use of precisely fitting keywords (including keywords for local SEO) reduces the effect of scattered advertising. It is possible to address customers very precisely according to their interests.
  4. Google’s analysis tools allow an exact evaluation of the advertising success. This makes readjustments possible. We replace bad ads with better ones.
  5. The Google Ads program allows the definition of negative keywords. If the user searches for them, your ad is guaranteed not to appear. Example: As owner of the BMW car dealership in Zurich, you offer car sales and repairs, but you do not buy used cars yourself. If the user googles “Autoankauf BMW Zürich”, your ad “Autohaus BMW in Zürich” will not appear because we have defined the keyword “Autoankauf” as a negative keyword. Otherwise, the user might click on the ad, and you, as the car dealership owner, would have to pay for the click, but you would have nothing from this customer. He would only steal your time with his request.
  6. Google Ads allows the use of different formats that suit every budget and industry.


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