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Hire a WordPress agency or create the website yourself?

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Author: Egzon Cekaj
Date: 23.10.2020
Reading time: approx. 6 minutes

In the following article, you will read if you need a WordPress agency or not. Quickly setting up your own homepage – especially in these times, this is an important issue for self-employed people in all sectors. More and more people are looking online first to find out where they can get the service or goods they want. The requirements are as individual as the people who create their homepage. While some would like to create their own blog, others need a page for their practice with an appointment. Still others want to open an online shop with a customer login.

There are also different ways to set up a website. The most complicated would probably be to program it yourself. For those who would rather not do that, there are two other possibilities: You can choose a Content Management System (CMS) or a modular tool. CMS systems are, for example, WordPress, Drupal or Typo3, with which websites can be flexibly designed. Website construction kit tools are offered by providers such as Wix, Jimdo or hostfactory. A construction kit tool is usually self-explanatory, so that users do not need programming knowledge or other specialist skills to operate it. A CMS such as WordPress, on the other hand, is much more complex to use, but offers more design options in many respects.

A good solution here can be a WordPress agency: With it, users get a homepage with expansion potential without having to deal with a CMS themselves. This agency can take care of all the necessary steps and ensure the permanent maintenance of the website. In the following OneLine offers a comparison of the different systems with their advantages and disadvantages. In this way, users can find the website system that best suits their wishes and ideas.

User-friendliness in operation

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Building block tools usually have a drag & drop user interface: here, anyone can design the desired pages from a selection of functions and elements according to the building block system. The result of the design is immediately visible. This system is particularly user-friendly, so that a simple homepage can be set up quickly without any previous knowledge. The selection options and the menu depend on the respective provider. The available elements include the basis of text fields, buttons and image (galleries), for example forms as registration options for newsletters. Some modular tool providers also offer other options such as the creation of a web shop, customer login or an appointment service.

With a CMS system such as WordPress, users need a certain amount of previous knowledge or a corresponding period of familiarisation or training to operate it. WordPress is still a comparatively simple CMS, which itself offers certain modular elements. This makes it easier for its users to create a basic website and to expand it. Especially for blogs WordPress is a well suited and popular software. But it can also be used for other purposes thanks to various designs and functions that can be integrated.

Flexibility in the design of the homepage

The freedom and flexibility in designing a homepage with a modular tool varies greatly depending on the provider. Some providers offer a wide range of different designs for the background or the elements used. Other providers limit themselves to a basic basis – and may offer other advantages. Not only the design, but also the functions vary greatly from one provider to another. A general limitation, however, is in the nature of things: If you want to create a homepage quickly and easily from elements, you must have this (limited) selection directly available. And all this without having to decide between almost infinite (programming) possibilities.

With WordPress, on the other hand, a homepage can basically be designed more flexibly than with a building block tool. This is largely due to the fact that WordPress is a so-called open source software: This means that the software is openly accessible to everyone and can basically be used and further developed by everyone free of charge. With the appropriate programming knowledge, WordPress can therefore be constantly improved and extended by various individual functions. This also benefits users who have no programming knowledge:

A big advantage of a WordPress agency

They can download the extensions as so-called plugins and use them for their own site. Since WordPress has been around since 2003, a large community has formed worldwide. This community is constantly programming new extensions, which are then made available to users as plugins, either free of charge or for a fee. There are already well over 57,000 plug-ins with which users can tailor WordPress to their individual needs. As far as the web design of the WordPress homepage is concerned, users can choose between different WordPress themes free of charge. Alternatively, they can also decide – often for a fee – for a more individual design with a more personal theme.

With a WordPress agency or a programmer, users are not dependent on having to deal with the multitude of extensions themselves. They can benefit from a consultation and have their wishes simply implemented. OneLine offers its customers support in for web design as well as the content on the website. This includes SEO-optimised content and the right marketing as well as web development for the individual design of the website.

Support and security

Suppliers of modular tools offer their customers an all-round carefree package, depending on the chosen tariff: The designed homepage is brought up to date in the background with regular updates. In this way, any security gaps identified are automatically closed for users. Most providers also have a support service to help with questions and problems. However, this is often also reflected in the costs of the respective provider, who calculates the services. A comparison of the different providers can be worthwhile here.

For WordPress pages you can purchase paid support via WordPress itself or from third party providers. As far as the security and topicality of the site is concerned, customers can activate automatic updates for themes and plug-ins. However, updates can sometimes lead to problems and errors, which the users then have to deal with. Alternatively, it is also possible to update the site with its plugins manually as desired and required. However, it is also helpful in this case to have the appropriate expertise. Only then can a reliable assessment be made as to when an update makes sense and what to do if errors occur. In any case, a certain regularity in which the software is updated should be ensured. Because new security gaps can constantly arise which can be closed with new updates.

Whoever relies on a WordPress agency for this can sit back and transfer the responsibility for maintenance to their team. In addition, an agency can also provide easily accessible support in case of problems. And if necessary, their programmers can work quickly and easily on solutions themselves. In this way the homepage remains secure and functional.

Setting up and hosting the website

For website providers with a modular system, hosting is already part of the offer, depending on the chosen tariff. This makes it very easy for users. They do not need to worry about buying web space or an FTP client. The purchase of the desired domain and its linking to the website is also often offered directly. But users are also dependent on the respective provider, his services and prices.

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Purpose of use – blog, e-commerce and Co.

An important factor in the choice between a modular tool and CMS is the purpose for which the customer wants the homepage. If you need a simple homepage, you can be well served with a modular tool. This allows users to present their service and contact details online without much effort or changes. For a blog, both WordPress and most construction kit tools are well suited. Here it depends on whether it is available free of charge or inexpensively.

But if you want to run an online shop via your homepage, for example, you should make sure you choose the right provider. Not every construction kit tool offers an online shop function at all, and those that do offer the service sometimes have limitations. For example, the provider Jimdo can be a simple solution for small shops that is easy to use.

For WordPress there are plug-ins that can turn a homepage into a webshop. WooCommerce, for example, is popular, but is more complex to set up and operate than a modular solution. Functions like a customer login and the import or export of products are possible. With the payment methods, however, depending on your wishes, plug-ins with costs may also be necessary in order to offer customers all possibilities. Legal security is also an issue, which plays a role in e-commerce. Here, users should make sure that the respective provider of the modular tool is designed accordingly for the market of the respective country. For WooCommerce there are various extensions for the German-speaking market and the EU area. A WordPress agency can also provide reliable services here. It can offer its customers the service of integrating a legally compliant web shop for the respective country into the website.

Costs for the creation and maintenance of the homepage

The cost of a website depends strongly on the provider and the user’s wishes. WordPress is a free software to which plug-ins or services can be added if required. These are offered by WordPress itself, but also by various third-party providers. With many modular tools, users also have the choice between a free free version with limited use or various service packages. However, users of a modular tool are usually limited to the offer of a certain provider. For hosting, maintenance and design of a WordPress page, however, many different providers can be found. From these, customers can then select the optimum offer.

For example, there are different providers for theme designs and the web space provider for hosting can be chosen freely. A WordPress agency offers this service and others, such as search engine optimization, from one source.