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Internal Links and Backlinks

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Internal Links and Backlinks

What is better than a website that leads its visitors to their destination? That is right, nothing! The appropriate term for this is “internal links”. Internal links are guideposts on websites that show the customer how to get to where they want. Such structures are appreciated by search engines and websites get rewarded for them.


The Road to Success

You know the navigation on your website very well, however, your visitors do not. In order to provide guidance, you can direct your visitors on the homepage by describing the company and its products. The products should be linked to their respective landing page using a hyperlink, to allow the visitor to click on it if something interests them. Once on the landing page, you then direct your customer to the order process, followed by the payment process and thus to the completion of the purchase.

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What are backlinks?

If you have already taken a closer look at search engine optimization, then you might know that a backlink directs from on website to another, e.g. your website. A backlink is supposed to guide the customer and help them get to their destination quickly. For instance, you can write an article and link each technical term to Wikipedia to enable the reader to quickly look up what the individual technical terms mean. The linked keyword will also contribute to the ranking. Therefore, it may be that if you have multiple backlinks for one particular keyword, that you are found easier on Google.

The Aim of a Backlink

The purpose of backlinks is to direct visitors to a high-quality website that can provide them with information which they cannot find on the initial website. Google considers a backlink to be a digital recommendation and upgrades websites that include high-quality backlinks.


One Backlink is not like another

As already mentioned, Google upgrades websites with a high number of high-quality backlinks in the ranking. Such backlinks can be found in articles, blogs or other links. But not every backlink enhances your own website. I always remember a saying that my mother tended to quote. When I was a child, she would comment on my selection of friends: “With whom you surround yourself with, will define you”. Google works according to the same principle. If your website is linked by high-quality websites, Google will evaluate you as high-quality. If you are mostly linked by spam sites, you will also be considered a spammer.

How to get Backlinks

You can tackle and increase your backlinks proactively. There are many different ways available to do this:


Posts & Articles:

Write articles and posts on different blogs and link your articles to your own website. This is how you can link your main keyword to your website.

Post Comments:

The most common way to generate backlinks is to use the comment section in blogs and articles. Oftentimes, you can even add the URL of your website. I recommend commenting on topic-related posts as this is evaluated higher.

Social Media Profile:

Most social media profiles allow you to add website URLs that provide a backlink. You can create a company page on Facebook and link your website or lodge your own website on Xing.

Social Media Post:

Another easy way to generate a backlink is to publish a post on a social media platform. That way, you can post, like, share, and comment on your website. The more interactions happen in this post, the higher it will be rated by search engines.


Price Search Engines:

Price search engines are very popular with both users and search engines. Therefore, I recommend that you register your products at price search engines at the very beginning. The price search engine websites direct to your website. As a result, backlinks, visitors and – in the best case – also sales are guaranteed.


Amazon Trick:

Amazon receives a high ranking by search engines and is also considered to be reliable and professional. Securing a backlink on Amazon leads to a tremendous boost in value for your own website. But how can you achieve that without knowing someone in management? Very simple! Write an article (6-8 pages) and offer this article for sale on Amazon. The perk is that every “book” has an extract and in this very extract you just have to add a link to your website. And that is how you get a backlink on Amazon.

Phone Entries:

There are different search engines for telephone numbers and entries that can be used to generate backlinks. You can enter your company and refer to the website. Here, however, you have to be careful to pay nothing or not much and not to fall for any subscription traps.


Link Exchange:

Backlinks can be exchanged as well. To do this, you can contact other websites and offer a link exchange. Usually, most agree and create a backlink. In return, you have to create a link to the partner’s website. Friends and acquaintances have websites too, just ask them.



YouTube is another great source for securing backlinks. Just create an account and upload a few videos on your topic. Always link your web address in the description text. Since YouTube converts speech into text and can comprehend it, I recommend mentioning your main keywords in your video often.


Affiliate Partner:

Probably the fastest way to choose from a great number of backlinks is to create an affiliate program. After launching the program, potential affiliate partners apply for your program and want to sell for you. Now you can pick and accept the best, completely hassle-free.



You have reached the top if you manage to get a backlink from Wikipedia. For this, you need a non-advertising contribution on your website, which qualifies as a reference to be used by Wikipedia. Posts on Wikipedia can be written by anyone, but advertisements are not permitted. The written contributions are evaluated and approved by members.