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Internet Marketing - a book with seven seals?

Many companies are aware that a strong presence in the digital world today is essential for their own success. And yet: For many, safe maneuvering in this world now seems an insurmountable challenge. Too much competition, too many inscrutable algorithms and a constantly changing set of rules make a sovereign corporate presence on the Internet a mission impossible. For this very reason, many companies seek professional help in the form of an Internet marketing agency. Others, however, hesitate to turn to such partners. Many are too unsure about what exactly they need an internet marketing agency for, how they can recognize a good agency and how they can commission such an agency. But most questions can be answered quickly.

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What is an Internet Marketing Agency?

An internet marketing agency is responsible for optimizing the digital presence of the company in the entire online sector. This has long since affected not only the corporate website, but also the social media presence and other areas such as e-mail communication with potential customers. Usually, online marketing is characterized by a certain set of tools that can be used to conduct marketing on different platforms. It is above all the interaction of these individual tools that makes the difference between success and failure. For this reason, internet marketing agencies make sure that the entire range of tools is used optimally in the long run. In this way, the various tools play cleverly together and ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness.

Which services are typical for internet marketing agencies?

These tools include measures for search engine optimization at Google and certain communication strategies that are designed to draw the attention of potential customers to your offer on the one hand and to convince them of this offer on the other. To achieve this, Internet marketing agencies offer certain services. These initially include digital advertising formats such as the confident use of Google Ads (Adwords) or so-called Display Marketing, in which banner advertising is used. Other typical services relate to content and its findability: optimizing the content and form of texts, the correct formatting and the use of the appropriate keywords are just some of the tasks in this area. Another field relates to direct communication with customers: Lead generation and e-mail marketing seek the direct line to the target group. Furthermore, the optimization of web design and development is also part of this: These services ensure the search engine-optimised structure of your own homepage and can, for example, improve your Google ranking. Last but not least, the range of services offered by digital marketing agencies also includes the extensive field of social media marketing: from the placement of campaigns to influencer marketing, all measures can be found here that are intended to provide a convincing presence in the area of social media.

Goals that can be achieved with the help of internet marketing agencies

However, the services of Internet Marketing Agencies Switzerland are not only about achieving an apparently stylish Internet presence. Above all, it is also about reaching customers with the appropriate services, convincing them and showing them real added value. Contrary to many prejudices, SEO (search engine optimization) in 2020 no longer means producing keyword-overloaded gibberish texts on a topic that is currently in vogue. E-mail marketing no longer means that (potential) customers are bothered with advertising messages every day. Overloaded websites, which simply present huge amounts of sales material, no longer work. Today, the relevant search engine and social media algorithms punish all those who just want to sell. On the other hand, those who create a well-structured, information-rich added value and convince customers of this added value will be rewarded. The aim of online marketing is no longer to attract the attention of the masses at the top of their voices. The goal is to communicate effectively, empathically and considerately with the relevant target group. In this way, existing customers can be made happy and new customers can be acquired. A good internet marketing agency helps to implement and achieve your marketing goals.

How do I recognize good internet marketing agencies?

A good online marketing agency can be identified by various factors. First of all, it is important to make a first impression! How professional, understandable and inviting does your own internet presence, i.e. especially the website, social media profiles or newsletters of the respective agency look like? What does the agency’s own Google ranking look like? In the best case, an agency shows what it is capable of. Another factor is the breadth of the service offering: although there are also highly specialized agencies that only devote themselves to one of the topics mentioned, for example SEO, there are also some that are not so specialized. However, especially for companies that have not yet had any experience with Internet marketing, a partner experienced in several areas can best help. After all, not only a part of the digital presence should be optimized, but it should be ensured that the overall impression is right. The further impression of an agency should then be gained in the first personal consultation: Is the chemistry right? Can trust be established? As a client, will I be taken seriously by the agency in my needs? Will I be picked up on my current level of knowledge in such a way that I can easily understand the agency’s offer? If, in the end, this personal gut feeling in personal contact is also correct, nothing more stands in the way of a good cooperation.

How do I engage an Internet Marketing Agency?

Most people shy away from hiring an online marketing agency because they are afraid of not having answers to the agency’s questions or they cannot adequately brief the agency because they are not deep enough in the subject matter themselves. But don’t worry: Every good online marketing agency manages to pick up the customer exactly where he stands and to enlighten him with his expertise, to present his own offer transparently and make it accessible to him. So a company does not have to be ready as a customer with a perfectly worked out, ready-made briefing about ideas and goals. Instead, the agency works together with the client to develop appropriate and desirable goals, for which the appropriate strategy is then selected together. Therefore, there is usually a close exchange between the client and the team of the internet marketing agency, especially in the initial phase of the cooperation. During this time, the customer learns a lot of new things and slowly gets to know a feeling for the possibilities of Internet Marketing.

Conclusion: Creating added value together

So although there are many fears of contact on the part of customers today, there is nothing to fear: Most Internet Marketing Agencies are professionals in their field and therefore able to put themselves in the customers’ shoes and goals. Together with a strong partner the valuable advantages of online marketing can be realized. No matter if it is about generating leads, winning new customers or further convincing existing customers. Internet marketing has long been more than just a successful presence on social media such as Facebook and co. It is the added value driven indirect and direct line to the customer via the digital medium, from which in the best case all sides profit.

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