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In my opinion, affiliate programs are one of the most effective and secure online marketing measures to increase awareness and sales. Here, you can decide whether you want to pay per click, lead or, sale. You register your website with one of the countless affiliate programs and define your guidelines and goals. In addition to the advertising guidelines, you write the description of your program and mention all the positive features of your product or service, which serve as reasons why partners should promote your program.


Affiliate Costs 

With most affiliate programs, you do not have to pay any setup costs, but you need to prepay a credit for your commissions. This credit will only be used when your targets, such as leads or sales, are approved by you.


Affiliate Advertising Material

After you have created your program, you can create your advertising material. You can use banners, texts, ad texts, popups and much more to promote your program. It is better to provide more advertising material to the partners, giving them a wider choice.

Online Marketing Agency

Affiliate Start

Your advertising partners see your program profile and then apply to you. Even if you do not sell anything, you will have far more visitors on your site than you would with normal marketing activities. By linking your advertising material, you will receive backlinks on your page automatically.

With the affiliate programs, you have your own employees who advertise for you, but you pay them only when you are successful, i.e. when you sell.



In order for your affiliate partners, you need to complete the previously mentioned points first. I recommend spending at least one month

to plan for. I also recommend you use only sales or lead programs, since all website visitors are free of charge.

The affiliate partners also need time to insert the advertising material, send newsletters or insert your product data. It is best to ask your program manager how long it usually takes.

 Affiliate Advantages:

  •     Increase of the number of visitors
  •     Strengthening of the public image
  •     Increase of sales figures
  •     Free branding advertising
  •     Increase of backlinks


Voucher & Reward Marketing

Throughout my online marketing career, I have been involved in and managed several campaigns and activities. During this time, I was able to come to the important conclusion that voucher campaigns run successfully in 9 out of 10 campaigns. Of course, all pieces need to fit together, but it is clear that customers are very focused on price and discounts are extremely attractive.


Voucher on Thank You Page

No other visitor is as important as the one who converted to a customer and made a purchase or used a service of yours. Therefore, you want to see this hard-earned customer again soon. You can either do this with a voucher on the thank you page or in the confirmation email of the order.


Voucher Value

A-B tests have shown that vouchers with percentage discount rates (example: 15% discount on the next purchase) were better received than a value voucher with a minimum order value (example: CHF 15.- off CHF 100.-). If the value voucher is not linked to a minimum order value, the result will differ. I always recommend combining a voucher with a minimum order value, because experience shows that customers redeem exactly the value of the gift and not a cent more or less.

Voucher in Packages

In addition to the thank you page and the order confirmation email, you can use your parcels as carriers for voucher campaigns to turn customers into returning customers. Here, you can easily insert and send a flyer with your voucher code. I also recommend limiting the validity of the voucher to 2-3 weeks.


Premium Marketing

In addition to a value voucher, rewards can also add value and in result attract customers. For example, you can add a bonus for every order placed in February. Depending on the price range, I recommend that you choose a bonus. You can mention the value and the bonus in your advertising material, because customers should know that they are getting added value.


Such promotions usually increase the sales figures immensely. For this reason, I recommend using such promotions in months that are usually not as busy. In general, you have to keep these promotions rare, otherwise your customers will get used to them and wait until you release another offer.

Multi-level Marketing

Surely you have heard of the classic multi-level marketing and maybe even tried it yourself. Usually you have to buy certain product lines and distribute them yourself. In addition, you have to expand your sales network to generate additional passive income.

However, you usually have to invest a lot of money and time to achieve real success. That is why I thought about how to apply this strategy to the online business and ended up with my personal multi-level online marketing.


Multi-level Online Marketing

Let us assume that you run an online shop with various sports products. Thanks to the insights from this book, you were able to increase your sales enormously and also got your “groupies” who love your products. I think you should always reward such loyalty, because these people indirectly act as your advertising media.
In online marketing, as you probably know, there are several bonus point systems that give you points when you subscribe to a newsletter, recommend a friend or anything else.
However, most customers prefer money as their motivation – either saving money or making money.
This way you can create a personal voucher code (Toni-Mueller[DE1] -10) for your loyal customer which gives him a 10% discount on every order. He can also share this code and do his friends a favor by receiving a 10% discount as well. For this recommendation you can credit Toni 5% of the shopping cart value of his friends to his account. That is how you turn customers into salesmen. Toni will now actively recommend your products, because he will be rewarded for it. This is similar to affiliate marketing, except that the customers become “sellers”.