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Our online marketing agency Lucerne is at your side to support and advise you in all your online marketing activities. We would like to illustrate how important online marketing has become with the following figures. In the German-speaking region, around 30% of advertising budgets were spent on online advertising in 2018. The trend continues to rise sharply, with around 40 % expected to be spent by 2022.

The opportunities in online marketing are becoming more and more extensive due to new channels and new platforms. This is exactly where we as Online Marketing Agency Lucerne can help you to advertise these channels effectively. Together with you, we develop individual strategies and concepts so that your online activities can be realised in a cost-effective yet targeted manner.

Online Marketing Agency Lucerne

Online Marketing

We as Online Marketing Agency Lucerne would like to offer you full service for your online marketing activities. We are a well-positioned team with specialists for the various areas of online marketing. This means that we can not only offer you professional Google Ads campaigns, but are also always up to date in the areas of content and search engine optimization.

If our team members are not 100% qualified in a particular topic, we call in external experts from our large network. We are not afraid to say that others can do it better. Because only then it is possible to get a 100% satisfied customer.

Why hire an online
marketing agency?

Especially for small and medium-sized companies it is only understandable that within the company there are no experts for online marketing. In most cases it is too expensive to set up an own online marketing department. Often it is also the case that the online marketing department in companies consists of 1 or 2 people and these logically cannot have the know-how as a large agency has.

Another problem is that nobody in the company can manage the employees, because nobody really knows anything about the subject. Thus, the necessary tasks are not recognized and results cannot be fully evaluated. In addition, there is no communication with other online marketing experts with whom one can exchange information about current events.

We as Online Marketing Agency Lucerne offer you to build up know-how and train your employees in your company. Our agency will then create a concept together with you and involve your employees in the projects and train them to meet your needs. It is then possible for your employees to continue the projects after the end of the cooperation.

Online Marketing Agency Lucerne

Our services

As an online marketing agency in Lucerne, we offer a wide range of services. From this range of services, you can put together a package according to your needs that will meet your wishes. Gladly we advise you also thereby and discuss with you a useful and cost-efficient solution.

Our most important services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
Display advertising
Affiliate marketing
Social media advertising
Web design and developmen

We as Online Marketing Agency Lucerne are of course at your disposal for all questions. If a service that you require is not listed here, please contact us. Our range of services covers many other areas.

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