Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency

What is online marketing?

Internet marketing also means online marketing. The importance of online marketing in the digitalisation process is increasing. Experts estimate that the costs for offline marketing will be lower than for online marketing in the future. The great advantages of Internet marketing are measurability, optimization, precise targeting with minimal losses, enormous reach and flexibility. Online marketing is constantly being updated as the main players such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are constantly expanding their functions. A good online marketing agency is always helpful to keep track of the latest developments. Depending on the marketing strategy, the settings for campaigns are configured and include the relevant data.

Without sound analysis, no successful campaign measures. An analysis determines the status of the site, traffic and sales at the time of working with the agency. You will also learn how your competitors are positioned. Furthermore, experts in online marketing analyse how customers address your target group. In this way, the online marketing agency finds out which channels and measures can be used to reach the targets most effectively. The working principle in online marketing is clear and competent. For maximum transparency, the online marketing agency defines suitable KPIs and targets and regularly updates the reports and project status reports based on these. In this way they constantly monitor the progress and productivity of online marketing campaigns. Internet marketing agencies can improve or go full throttle if the process really flourishes.

Online Marketing Agency

Different Internet Marketing Areas

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is divided into search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO). In both areas, efforts are made to increase the online presence in search engines such as Google. Relevant keywords are identified and their location is improved. The SEO topic can be divided into website and page optimization, where data structure and content quality are important. Search engine ads, such as Google Ads, should primarily contain relevant keywords and can be very closely aligned with the purpose of the campaign, e.g. “Maximize conversions”.


Display advertising

Banners, which are often linked to the company’s website, are used to target visitors. If you compare the impressions with the clicks of the advertising banners, you get a click-through rate (CTR). This rate can be an indicator of how well the ad is performing. When optimizing, it is also possible to use conversions such as sending a contact form. In remarketing, for example, visitors who have already visited the company’s website are shown an advertising banner.


Social media marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. offer companies the opportunity to introduce themselves. Therefore, customers can communicate with the company regardless of the store’s website. This can draw attention to the respective target group, especially in the case of special campaigns. In social media marketing, the target group can also be narrowed down using numerous factors to minimize losses.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing deals with advertising on affiliate websites of your own products and your company. Ads and links are used to direct interested parties from a third-party website to their own website.


Email Marketing

Personalized newsletters, offers and promotions can be easily sent to the target group by e-mail. The goal can, for example, increase customer loyalty or win new customers.


Online Marketing Switzerland

International companies focus on online marketing in Switzerland and provide their services to companies and doctors in the DACH region. Customers in Online Marketing Switzerland include not only companies but also doctors, dentists, orthodontists and clinics. As an internet marketing agency, the service provider takes care of SEO and SEA, for example. Campaigns like Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) ensure that your website can be found on the Internet.

An important part of the online marketing agency is the so-called search engine advertising, abbreviated SEA. Professional, comprehensive support in this area ensures that errors in SEA accounts are eliminated, campaigns are optimized and the current situation is measured. These companies see themselves as full-service internet marketing agencies, offering you a wide range of services. Agencies guarantee that potential customers or patients find your website faster and easier with search queries that have been proven to lead to the most queries. In an online marketing agency in Switzerland, they are happy to pass on the most in-depth expertise to their clients.


Are you looking for online marketing advice in Switzerland?

Agencies combine optimization and tracking technologies with the extensive knowledge base of online marketing consultants. Before they start creating an SEA campaign, they analyse your current situation and offer detailed advice. As an online marketing consulting company, they can offer you the following services:

+ Setup of your Google Ads / AdWords or SEA ads

+ Setting targets for SEA measures (KPI and ROI)

+ monthly meetings and regular contact persons / consultants


What role does the website play in online marketing?

Today, websites are more than just digital business cards. They represent your company and your products and services – always, everywhere and for everyone. A personalized and targeted website is the basis for a successful online presence and for digital marketing measures. The focus is on the interests of the target group and users as well as on comfort and mobility.

With the right agency you can decide whether a redesign for your website is sufficient or whether a relaunch is necessary. Thanks to the redesign, only content and design is updated, extended and replaced without changing the functionality and code. When the website is relaunched, the program code and the appearance of the site are created from scratch. In this case the content management system (CMS) changes very often. For example, if your CMS no longer meets current standards or if serious changes to the content and design are required, it makes sense to restart the entire website.

In many cases, however, a soft website update is sufficient. The advantage of the redesign is that users are not annoyed and fixed positions in the search results are not lost.


What role does content marketing play for a successful ranking?

Do you have problems reaching your target group with classic advertising? Existing content on your website is not used? You cannot find your company for important, relevant search queries? Is your website missing entertaining, useful or concise content to find your target group before you make a purchase? Or decide on a product? Before making a purchase decision, the average consumer learns about more than ten options. Content marketing is the key to success here.

Right online marketing will bring you to the top of Google! Experience in search engine marketing (SEO & SEA) is crucial for the specialists in positioning your company in the top positions in online search engines. High visibility on Google means more customers and therefore higher sales for your company. In order to contact and collect your target group, agencies are accompanied by a network of specialists in social networks, photo and film. Your products and services should be of great interest and attract attention – on your website, on Instagram, Facebook, Google-MyBusiness and Co.

Development teams work with the highest quality at the best prices. The consultants in the Swiss branch are your local contacts who will support you personally throughout the entire process. Agencies offer not only a price advantage, but also access to the entire German-speaking market. Swiss online marketing companies are young, established, determined and want to conquer sales markets! Thanks to their efforts, customers are already seeing an increase in visitors and other successful key figures in the first quarter.


Practice marketing in Switzerland – whether a doctor’s practice or clinic – agencies select new patients for you

Experienced online agencies are specialized in marketing practices and online marketing for doctors, among other things. They ensure that your ranking or clinic is at the top of the Google search results. As an online agency for practical marketing, the company takes care of the creation and evaluation of patient enquiries.