Google Mobile-First Indexing – 11 Mobile SEO Tips

In the past, website optimization for mobile devices was just a so-called “plus” for entrepreneurs and web designers. Neither marketing managers nor website owners paid...

Hire a WordPress agency or create the website yourself?

In the following article, you will read if you need a WordPress agency or not. Quickly setting up your own homepage – especially in these...

We recommend these 30 ranking factors as a professional SEO agency!

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7 reasons, why you should use WordPress!

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Pagespeed and the perfect URL

Search engine algorithms or crawlers can handle comprehensible URLs better and therefore rate them more positively in their rankings.


Online MarketingGlossary Online Marketing Glossary A Abandonment rate The percentage of visitors who leave the homepage without any action. Also called bounce rate. Ads Online...

Beeing Search Engine Friendly

You have decided on a new domain and want to direct visitors from the old website to the new domain from now on? Use a search engine friendly redirection.

SEO Analysis Tools

If a campaign does not achieve the desired effect, you can quickly recognize this with the help of analysis tools and also adjust it immediately.

Setup Google Display Ads

How to setup a campaign in GoogleAds? Chosse a suitable Name and Goal of your campaign with targeting the correct demographics.