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Most users reach a homepage via search engines, especially via the market leader Google. Hardly anyone types a URL directly into the browser, only a minority visits a website via a link. The visibility on Google and other search engines is a key factor in determining the number of visitors to a website and thus the chance to generate sales. With search engine optimization (SEO), site operators influence search engine rankings in their own sense, conquering the first places for relevant search terms. A professional SEO agency in Switzerland provides valuable services here.

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Why search engine optimization is so important

Anyone looking for an offer on the Internet usually enters suitable search terms in Google and Co. Experience shows that almost all users then click on the links at the top of the first page. The homepages listed there benefit from high visitor numbers, while the websites placed further back register minimal traffic. A successful website therefore requires good rankings for all suitable keywords.

With a thorough keyword analysis, an established SEO agency in Lucerne identifies these keywords. The keywords can be divided into different categories such as main keywords and secondary keywords. Another criterion is the length, there are short tail keywords, mid tail keywords and long tail keywords. For companies with a regionally limited target group, local search engine optimization plays a prominent role. In local SEO, an SEO agency links content keywords with the city name or the name of a region or district.

Onpage optimization: central importance of texts

An effective search engine optimization consists of onpage and offpage measures. The onpage-optimization includes all measures directly on a homepage. This includes various technical adjustments. The complex algorithms of the search engines take the following aspects into account, for example:

  • Loading speed
  • Adapted web design for mobile devices
  • Structure of the internal links
  • Name of the domain


The content has the highest priority, this applies especially to the texts. Good SEO texts contain keywords in ideal number and distribution. At the same time, they convince stylistically, which applies equally to spelling, grammar and clear structure. They also offer readers added value in terms of content, in line with the search intention.

A few years ago, it was sufficient for high search engine rankings to string together the search terms in poorly written texts. This is now a thing of the past. Google and other search engines have refined their algorithms with numerous updates to provide users with better results. Today, for example, they are paying more attention to the quality of content, and homepages with bad content are punishing them. A competent SEO agency in Switzerland guarantees website operators to publish effective SEO texts on their websites.

Offpage optimization: sustainable link building for better rankings

Search engines include link popularity in their rankings. Links from third-party sites to the target homepage lead to higher rankings on the search result pages. Quantity and quality are the key factors here.

A link on an established homepage has a more positive effect than a link from an insignificant blog. A professional SEO agency Lucerne provides with a sustainable link building for an increasing link popularity and thus for better search engine rankings. This procedure requires patience, the desired results are achieved step by step. Site operators should avoid dubious offers, where companies promise quick success. These agencies rely on spamming, they post the links in forums and comment columns, among other things. The opposite of the desired goal occurs. The algorithms recognize this spamming and devalue the target homepages in the rankings.

Serious service providers consistently implement an appropriate link structure: They achieve this, for example, by publishing guest articles including text links on external blogs. Even better are interesting contents that third parties link to on their own initiative without being asked. All these instruments cost time and money, but pay off in the medium and long term.

SEO as a permanent task

If a homepage has not yet been optimised for search engines, a fundamental technical and content revision is recommended. But that is not enough. Only regular SEO measures can guarantee good search engine rankings. This is based on two reasons: Firstly, competitors are also optimizing their websites, and numerous site operators are jostling for the top positions. In view of these constant optimizations, search engine rankings are in a state of flux.


Those who rest on high rankings will soon slip. Secondly, Google and Co. are constantly changing their algorithms with small and extensive updates. Large updates, which usually consist of a bundle of changes, have a significant impact on search results. Affected homepages defend their previous rankings exclusively by quickly adapting their websites.

Why outsourcing to an SEO agency makes sense

Search engine optimization overtaxes many entrepreneurs: they lack time resources and know-how. SEO goes along with an immense effort. Those responsible have to carry out detailed keyword analyses, formulate SEO texts, check the results and much more. At the same time it is a complex challenge that requires expertise and experience. In theory, companies can hire their own SEO professionals for this, but for small and most medium-sized companies this is not worthwhile. Hiring an SEO agency in Lucerne is the obvious solution!

At transparent prices, companies can secure a comprehensive package of SEO services that guarantee better rankings in search engine rankings. Higher rankings mean more visitors and more sales. The additional revenue exceeds the costs of SEO in the long run. If companies combine professional search engine optimization by an experienced SEO agency in Switzerland with high-quality search engine advertising and sophisticated web design, there is no way to achieve successful online marketing. With competent support, companies tap the full potential of internet marketing!

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