Voice Search Optimization

SEO – How to optimize a website for Voice Search?

Your SEO agency has 5 tips for voice search optimization

Author: Sami Gashi
Date: 18.12.2020
Reading time: ca. 5 minutes

Voice Search is playing an increasingly vital role in Internet search. A growing number of users prefer to enter a search query using their own voice rather than typing it in by hand. Voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Voice Search make this possible. All this leads companies to the question of how they should organise their SEO activities on a website with regard to Voice Search. The professional support from our SEO agency can remove any doubts that may exist. Here are some practical tips.

What is Voice Search and how does it work?

Voice Search means the ability to speak a search query on Google or Bing directly into a device. This can be done quickly and easily on a desktop PC or mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones. Siri from Apple was the first interactive voice assistant that revolutionised the development of Voice Search. Other voice assistants followed later: Alexa from Amazon, Cortana from Microsoft and Google Voice Search. Today, voice search is an increasingly popular alternative.

Compared to a traditional search on Google or Bing, its advantages are obvious: With Voice Search, you no longer have to type in a search query by hand. This is done by voice. Natural Language Processing plays a central role in this context. It is important to mention that voice assistants learn from search queries that have already been made and can thus deliver ever better results. Our SEO agency is delighted to offer further advice.

Optimization of websites for Voice Search

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Voice Search does not seem to be a short-lived trend. Rather, we can speak here of a permanent change in search habits, which will shape Internet consumption in the future. What does this mean for companies that want to increase their visibility in the digital space? Which aspects must be considered when optimising a commercial website for Voice Search in order to remain competitive? The following tips are designed to help and inspire marketing teams:

Tip 1: Target group definition and question creation

At the beginning of a business project, there is a careful analysis of the own target group. The same applies to the optimization of a website for Voice Search. A company that knows which language assistants its target group primarily uses can use appropriate search engines for SEO activities. If his preferred customers Siri from Apple or Google Voice Search use Google, the focus of SEO activities should be on Google. In terms of Cortana from Microsoft, Bing is a good choice.

Once a company has made its decision regarding the search engine, the next task for its online marketing team is to create user questions. Here it is particularly important to ask the so-called W questions and to answer them as precisely as possible. It is essential that all relevant W-questions appear not only in the text but also in headings and meta information. Our SEO agency advises on what has to be strictly observed in the target group definition and question creation.

Tip 2: Use relevant long-tail keywords

As you probably know, the language search usually starts with an oral request. For example, you start Siri from Apple with the words “Hey Siri, …”. This is often followed by a question or a complete command, such as “…which is the best café in Zurich?”. This example shows that the Voice Search is much more detailed and complex than the conventional search, as complete sentences are often entered. People talk to voice assistants just like they would to a real person.

Long-tail keywords are therefore of great importance for voice search. This is mainly because they resemble everyday language. Usually, they contain 2 to 5 words and are more specific. A well-considered use of long-tail keywords is recommended if a company wants to optimize its website for voice search.

Long-tail keywords have another advantage: Compared to single keywords they are less competitive. This means that SEO activities are highly effective and can achieve long-term effects. Which long-tail keywords a company chooses for itself depends primarily on its strategic marketing goals. The most important thing is to formulate long-tail keywords correctly and thereby address desired customers in a targeted manner. Google Suggest can be supportive in the proposal search.

Tip 3: Create a well-structured FAQ page

The primary aim of a FAQ page is to answer frequently asked questions. In this way, visitors to a website can get to the information they want without spending a lot of time researching. Here the maxim applies: with just a few clicks to the relevant content. The idea behind this is to ensure the expected transparency and to build trust with potential and existing customers. Answering the questions from the customer’s perspective is a prerequisite for success.

This means that only those questions and answers that are actually relevant for visitors should appear on a FAQ page. It is critical to remember that a FAQ page is not a place for advertising and customer acquisition. It is a place where visitors come to get short and concise information that can solve their problems and make purchasing decisions easier. From a technical point of view, a FAQ page is advantageous for search engine optimization, because it improves the ranking of a website in the search results lists.


Tip 4: Fast loading time and mobile-friendly

The way users consume different content on the Internet has changed dramatically. They want speed and flexibility, which are favourable to new technologies. If a website loads very long, visitors lose patience and migrate to the competition. Moreover, long waiting times make it difficult to provide information, which can lead to the abandonment of online purchases. Last but not least, the loading time of a website is an essential factor in search engine optimization.

At the same time, one should not underestimate the role of a website’s mobile compatibility with respect to SEO activities. There is no doubt that Internet users are increasingly placing their voice search queries on the move. They are using mobile devices for this purpose, with smartphones enjoying particular popularity today. As a result, a website optimized for mobile devices is an absolute must for companies to achieve success in the field of voice search. Besides, local search queries are becoming increasingly important due to the use of mobile devices.

Tip 5: High-quality and relevant content

Content still is king. High-quality and relevant content is crucial for companies. This is mainly due to the fact that internet users no longer accept push advertising and search for content of superior quality. Additionally, content should have high personal relevance for them. This makes it clear that demands on companies in the digital space are ever-growing and that meeting these demands is an important success factor. The following principle applies: SEO activities that are on the daily agenda of marketing teams must not exclude voice search.

Our SEO agency helps to optimize the content for language search and points out the following: Website content is always aimed at the target group and should be tailored to their individual needs. It would be best if it is both easy to understand and easy to read. This can be achieved, for example, by placing key questions in subheadings and by keeping answers short and concise. It is also advisable to include strategic questions in the meta-statements.

Company benefits at a glance

Conclusion of an SEO agency

The rapid development of the language search suggests that it has a great future ahead of it. This is good news for companies that are present online and want to increase their visibility in the long term. A website optimized for language assistants makes it much easier for them to address their target group where they are usually located. A company that knows the questions of its desired customers and provides relevant answers offers real added value and prepares for the future.

Our SEO agency is the right partner on the road to marketing success.