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What makes a good content writer?

Choosing the right content writer is extremely important

Author: Egzon Cekaj
Date: 11.08.2020
Reading time: approx. 5 minutes

More and more companies are choosing to work with a content writer or a content marketing agency. As an indispensable extension to various teams and departments, he or she contributes to the economic success of a company. In the digital age, high-quality and relevant content is an important marketing instrument in the marketing mix. A good contentwriter accompanies a company in the planning and implementation of a long-term content strategy. This article shows which aspects have to be strictly considered.

How does content marketing work?


Content marketing is becoming increasingly important in both the B2C and B2B sectors. Unlike classic (outbound) marketing, it does not focus on a product or service, but on (potential) customers. Its primary goal is to provide high-quality content that is relevant to the target group. The idea behind it is to inform, advise and entertain – without any offensive public relations and advertising.

This is also the reason why content marketing determines the way external communication is conducted. As an integral part of online marketing, it can be used preferably in the digital space. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for interaction with (potential) customers in the real world. On the contrary, in addition to increased marketing activities on the Internet, and especially in social media and thematic blogs. Here, offline communication (for example at events) makes a significant contribution to marketing success.

This leads to the following question: Does a company today need a content writer to take over content planning and production for different teams and departments? Depending on the size of a company and the available budget, there are two possibilities: A company employs its own content writer or uses relevant services of a content marketing agency. Regardless of which option a company chooses, a good content writer must possess a bundle of knowledge and skills. These are:

Knowledge of different language styles in a content marketing agency

A content writer working in a content marketing agency must be familiar with different language styles in order to be able to respond to customer needs individually. A great variety of tasks is his daily reality. On the one hand, this requires a high degree of flexibility and the ability to compromise. But it also requires a special talent for adapting the language style and tonality of brand communication to those of the client in the best possible way.

The same applies to a classic company, where a content writer is given versatile tasks in the area of content marketing. In times of the Internet and social media, brand communication is increasingly shifting to the digital space. The core tasks of a content writer include the writing of thematic blog articles, selection of content for infographics and professional preparation of white papers. A good content writer can juggle several content projects simultaneously.

However, it is not enough to acquire extensive expertise in the field of linguistic styles. A good contentwriter has a strong sense of language and knows exactly how to target the audience. His or her role is to capture the attention of (potential) customers and evoke positive emotions. Furthermore, the content provided should be informative, expressive and inviting. Only then can it be guaranteed that the audience feels motivated to read on.

Solid general and specialist knowledge in a content marketing agency

Today’s discerning readership can tell whether or not a content writer is well versed in an edited topic. They expect real added value and want to be sure that a blog article or white paper, for example, delivers valuable content. That’s why it is important that a content writer radiates competence and thereby provides the certainty that he can help in a matter. This applies equally to the B2C and B2B sectors.

Regardless of whether a content writer works for a content marketing agency or a classic company, he should have a broad general knowledge. Ideally, they should also specialize in one or more subject areas that are highly relevant to a target group. In this way, a good content writer gains expert status. Over time, he becomes an opinion leader, proposing his own topics and driving industry-wide discussions. These discussions can be about specific aspects or strategies.

In times of information overload, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. It is no longer enough to provide an attractive product or service description on your own landing page. Rather, it is a matter of convincing of an important role within the niche and building the trust of (potential) customers. A content writer takes on an important task by providing a deep insight into an industry-relevant topic and serving as a source of inspiration.

Digital & craftsmanship

It cannot be denied that brand communication is increasingly taking place in the digital space. This requires a content writer to acquire new knowledge. This is mainly basic knowledge in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). What are keywords and how can they be used effectively in content? Which factors influence the Google ranking? What is the best way to conduct online research on a topic under discussion?

These are only a few questions that a content writer must ask himself if he wants to achieve great success. In addition to a deep understanding of digitalisation and SEO tools, every content writer should demonstrate his or her technical skills. What is meant by this? The primary task of a content writer is to increase reader motivation and enjoyment of reading while ensuring meaningful content. This can be achieved – in the long term – in the following ways:

A good contentwriter writes short sentences that are easy to understand and written in active form. Each sentence provides concrete information by simultaneously offering added value. A strong brand message runs through the text as a red thread, which is in line with the corporate identity policy. A unique writing style and unmistakable originality fascinate an open, curious readership. And last but not least, easily digestible bits of knowledge encourage further reading.

Good use of social media

As already mentioned above, brand communication takes place primarily in the digital space. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. are of particular importance. This is where companies enter into dialogue with their target groups based on openness and honesty. Although it sounds simple, interaction with (potential) customers and fans in social media is a major challenge for many content writers. This can have several reasons:

A contentwriter’s job is to reach different target groups quickly and efficiently and to attract their attention. Every social medium has its own rules that must be followed when users and advertisers interact. In addition, not every audience in social media is open to advertising-like content. That’s why a content writer has a double burden: on the one hand, he is responsible for conveying advertising content, on the other hand, he should be authentic and credible.

Furthermore, a good contentwriter is characterized by a personal and target group-oriented approach. This depends on various factors: Expectations and preferences of the respective audience in social media as well as a philosophy and strategic corporate goals that are lived out daily. If a content writer works in a content marketing agency, he must be able to design his social media communication for different customer groups in a flexible and adaptable way.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

A strong need for flexibility and adaptability does not only concern interaction in social media. A good contentwriter is prepared to enter into cross-departmental cooperation and to maintain it on a long-term basis. In fact, a content writer is in frequent contact with various departments, including sales and marketing. In addition, he or she accompanies the activities in design and graphics by delivering content that is both inviting and convincing.

There is no doubt that the work of a content writer requires diplomatic skills and a strong sense of sensitivity in clarifying relevant issues. Only then can his or her good contacts within and outside the departments be built up. As an excellent communicator, a content writer contributes creative ideas and quickly gains the acceptance of his colleagues. However, his strengths in cross-departmental teams are not exclusively based on his social and communicative skills.

A good contentwriter is not only well versed in his field, but can also think outside the box. So that he or she can recognise the connections and interactions. He is aware that he can only make a difference through his content if he broadens his perspective. Acquires the corresponding knowledge from related areas. A good content writer should, for example, have sufficient knowledge of the specifics of online marketing and design.


For experts, the name says it all. They are distinguished by their specialist knowledge in all conceivable niche topics. This gives them great confidence from their followers. Even though the experts usually do not have a large reach, they can shine with little wastage. Experts can be used effectively, especially for campaigns that deal with complex topics that require explanation. The influencer type can be found primarily on YouTube, LinkedIn, your own blogs or to some extent on Instagram.


A good advice at the end: Motivation

In the corporate world, a content writer fulfils a significant task by acting as a bridge between an idea and its implementation. In addition to a range of knowledge and skills, there is one more thing that distinguishes a good content writer: Motivation. Without this, it is hardly possible to respond individually to different customer groups and to guarantee a high quality of content in the long term. A motivated contentwriter always works reliably and creates trust as the most important basis for success.