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Winning new recipients for e-mail marketing

Basics of E-Mail Marketing Part 2

How do you win new recipients for e-mail marketing?

The distributor

The distribution list can have an immense impact on the success of a company’s email marketing. It can be created or expanded through various options, which are explained below. Before preparing or setting up a distribution list through opt-ins, i.e. an approval procedure that the (potential) customer has to go through in order to be the addressee of an advertising e-mail. In the first place, the purpose to be achieved should always be defined first. So which product should be offered to the new subscribers.



The Newsletter as Opt-In in e-mail marketing

One way to attract new subscribers, increase customer communication and create sales incentives is to use the newsletter. With the help of the newsletter, products can be promoted and attention can be increased. Of course, it is not enough to simply present a product via newsletter. Certain incentives should also be used to arouse the curiosity of potential customers and encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter via e-mail. Frequently used examples of incentives are discounts, rewards in kind, loyalty points or even virtual currency. Those are granted when subscribing to the newsletter. This possibility of creating certain incentives should not be underestimated and can quickly scale up an email distribution list.


Design options of an opt-in

Usually the access to a newsletter is on the website of the company concerned. However, positioning, design and CTA (call to action) play a not inconsiderable role here. This is because the existence of an opt-in possibility is not necessarily a guarantee for a large number of users who register for the newsletter via e-mail address. There are various ways to position the form on the website.


  • On the one hand, the opt-in form can be part of the sidebar. The advantage here is the good visibility and flexibility in design. The disadvantage, however, is that a position in the sidebar is blocked by the form for other important topics.
  • Placing the form in the navigation bar emphasizes the high importance of the newsletter. However, there is little influence on the design here and the button can easily be overlooked.
  • This also applies to a positioning in the footer, i.e. at the bottom of the main page. However, it is positive here that access to the form does not interfere with the main content. It can remain there permanently even if the primary content is changed.
  • The overlay is perceived by many users as intrusive and can therefore reduce the willingness to log in. On the positive side, however, it should be emphasised that the use of an overlay can direct the entire attention of the website visitor towards the newsletter. In addition, an overlay offers a great deal of design freedom compared to the possibilities mentioned above.
  • Finally, the form for access to a newsletter can also be placed on sub-pages. A positive aspect here, as with the overlay, is the great flexibility in design. It is also possible to create a direct link to a specific content. A negative aspect is the poor visibility.

Not only the position of the form is important, but also its design.


Basically,a user is more likely to subscribe to a newsletter if the users is only required to provide a few details such the e-mail address. According to a study by Quicksprout, the perfect form only consists of up to three fields. The labels of the fields being left-aligned or above the fields, and legibility being increased by spaces between the fields.


Another important factor that has a significant influence on the visibility and thus the use of a form is the color of the CTA button. The use of complementary colours can be particularly helpful here, as they highlight the button and direct the user’s attention in a targeted manner. In this way, the conversion rate, i.e. the conversion of a prospective customer into a customer, can be significantly influenced. In an experiment conducted by Hubspot, it was found that a red CTA button had up to 21 percent more impact when used with a logo in the primary color green.



To find out the optimal colours for your own website, A/B testing can be used. Here, the visitors of a website are randomly distributed among the different design variants so that it can be determined which colour variant is used more often. With the help of various programs, A/B testing can be implemented after just a few clicks. Examples are Unbounce, Google Analytics (Google Optimize) and for specialized tools, Optimizely can be used.



Of course, in addition to the colour design, the names of a CTA button can also have a positive effect on the conversion rate. The classic “sign in” can easily be replaced by terms such as “become an insider”, “join a group” or even “seize an opportunity”. There are no limits to creativity here.



Further possibilities for opt-ins

Using your own website to generate new subscribers for your e-mail marketing list is one option. In addition, external channels such as social media platforms can also be used very well for setting up an email distribution list. Facebook, for example, offers its users various options for querying the subscriber via their own company website. For example, the CTA button can be placed in the profile header, making it particularly visible to visitors to the site. Which in turn increases the chances of a subscription. Potential subscribers can also be directed to the CTA button via the Facebook app. In the app, however, the CTA button is only positioned in the sidebar, which means that a lower conversion rate can be expected. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, for example, also offers the possibility of inserting forms.


Facebook and LinkedIn also provide another feature. Using short forms directly in the campaigns, opt-ins are generated in a targeted manner (lead ad). The potential subscriber remains on the website and can fill out a form with the data already stored and then decide whether to actually send it. This makes the registration process much easier for users. In addition, the costs for lead ads are usually between 50 and 70 percent lower than those of mobile-optimized landing pages. And all this with a significantly greater reach than with your own website or the company’s website in a social network.



The negative side – Unsubscriber

Unsubscribers, like subscribers, are a natural part of e-mail marketing and are indispensable. If the unsubscribe rate does not increase significantly, it will hardly have a negative impact. The main reason for unsubscribers is that the offers and services for the user are becoming less important. An unsubscribe rate of 0.2 to 0.5 percent per campaign is considered harmless according to MailChimp. However, if this rate is higher than the aforementioned percentages, action is required. For though, the entire distribution list is affected and sanctions from a commissioned e-mail tool provider may be threatened.


To get to the bottom of this, it is worth asking why some users do not want to be subscribers anymore. The answer may be: the customers concerned no longer see any benefit for themselves in the offer or product range and consider the content to be irrelevant, or they are given a negative feeling, for example due to a too high sending frequency.


To counteract the unsubscribe, there are several possibilities available. On the one hand, before an unsubscribe, an alternative offer can be made to the customer by redirecting him to a website, which is more tailored to his needs. In this context, it is also useful to consider whether the customer should be given the opportunity to change the frequency of delivery, for example. In this way, the customer can decide for himself what he would like to be informed about and when. Also the company is provided with valuable information on usage behaviour.


Making the opt-out more difficult is also a way of averting unsubscription. Making the opt-out more difficult is also a way of averting unsubscription. By redirection to landing pages, separation of newsletter topics and a separate opt-out for each individual topic, made it more difficult for the user to unsubscribe. However, the difficulty of the opt-out should not be exaggerated. The chance of winning back a user after the difficult opt-out is considered very unlikely.


Furthermore, the emotionality of the unsubscriber can be used to create an emotional bond by means of sorry-to-see-you-go e-mails. In connection with offers of discounts, gifts or the like, it is possible to prevent an unsubscriber. The possibility of a re-subscribe can also be offered.



Securing and maintaining the distribution list in e-mail marketing

As already explained in the first blog, it is particularly important that the mailing list is of high quality, otherwise no successful email marketing can be done. In addition, an e-mail marketing list that contains inactive contacts distorts the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It drives up costs, because many email tool providers calculate costs based on the number of subscribers. Therefore, the distribution list should be checked regularly (spelling mistakes in the subscription) and adjusted (deletion of inactive users). It has proven to be a good idea to contact subscribers before removing them from the distribution list. This points out the imminent deletion due to inactivity and to give them the opportunity to object to the deletion. To secure the distribution list, some email tool providers offer backups, either automatic or on demand, which can be downloaded as CSV or Excel spreadsheet file format.




Many companies now use the function of co-registration (Co-Reg) to obtain e-mail addresses and other personal data. With the help of a competition, for example, which offers great prizes, users are tempted to give out their data. If a user passes through this co-registration, which is necessary in order to participate in the competition. During this process the user gives his consent to be informed in future by post, telephone, e-mail or SMS about offers and products of the companies. In this way, the companies enlarge their e-mail distribution lists and data sets on a large scale at relatively low cost. However, users are often inundated with e-mails and the like and are usually unable to perceive the offers at all or associate negative emotions with the providers. Before using co-regs, therefore, it is important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages that can arise and whether these serve your own marketing strategies.





Standalone mailings, newsletter placements

Since the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mails is not permitted in Germany, a double opt-in is required before e-mail data for your own distribution list can be used. However, if this double opt-in is not available, it is possible to benefit from a double opt-in distribution list from another company within the framework of e-mail marketing campaigns. The e-mail addresses themselves are not sent to the company registered for this purpose and cannot contact the users directly. This is done by the company that has the double opt-in, via standalone mailings and newsletter placement.


By means of data records bundled according to certain characteristics, a target group-oriented approach can be made. In most cases the standalone e-mails have a layout that differs from the classic newsletter design, which increases the attention of the recipients. In addition, although the company that owns the distribution list is the sole sender of the e-mail. The advertiser is the company that subscribed to the distribution list. This also generates maximum attention for the advertised company. These e-mail marketing campaigns are usually billed on a CPM basis.


Of course, each company also offers different targeting options (targeting = addressing target groups in online marketing). Therefore, it should be clarified in advance exactly how the opt-in and the dispatch quantities are achieved. It is also important that the sublicensing of one’s own campaign to other companies that maintain distribution lists is ruled out, as otherwise control over which content is sent to which target groups will be lost. In order to be able to find reputable providers of standalone e-mails, membership of the German Dialog Marketing Association (DDV), for example, can provide a good indication.



Use Inbox Ads for e-mail marketing

Another way to effectively display advertising is the use of inbox ads. Although these are designed to look like e-mails, they have never actually been sent. These are e-mails marked as ads, which are highlighted and thus attract more attention. The providers of these inbox ads in Germany are GMX, Web.de and freenet.de. Google, for example, uses its own inbox ads product through the Gmail ads.


Inbox ads use HTML creatives that can be generated from other email campaigns, for example. The possibilities of targeting depend on the respective provider. With United Internet, for example, targeting must be discussed directly with the marketer. Whereas with Google the Gmail ads can be targeted directly via the AdWords platform. In this way, keyword targeting can also be carried out. In this way, users can be directly targeted whose emails contain specific words. This makes it possible to target your own brand, product names or even keywords. This re-targeting, i.e. the placement of online advertising using existing user data. They were stored during previous visits to websites by users, offers the possibility of displaying advertising media in line with the recognition principle. The use of inbox ads can replace the structure of an e-mail distribution list. It is an efficient option to the classic e-mail dispatch.

Google Ads

The acquisition of new customers is laborious and requires several measures that are combined with each other. An appealing web design, well-functioning content marketing and comprehensive search engine optimization are just a few examples of activities for customer acquisition on the net. Online advertising is also an integral part of today’s marketing communication, which is increasingly moving into the digital realm. The current trend is set by Display Marketing and Google Ads, whereby in the latter case the talk is of an advertising program by Google.

This goes back to the year 2000, when Google introduced its first web-based platform AdWords. In June 2018 it was renamed Google Ads as part of a strategic rebranding project – with great success. Today, the Google Marketing Platform comprises a range of interconnected advertising services that account for more than 80 percent of Google’s total revenue. Advertising companies and brands can reach their full potential by effectively reaching their desired customers with the help of Google advertising tools.

From the moment they create a Google Ads account, advertisers can rely on the optimization cycle, which is a never-ending process. Ongoing optimization includes CPC bids, quality factors and keyword pools. Not to be underestimated are also the tailor-made campaign settings and an optimal structure of a Google Ads account. Google also accommodates smaller companies by providing “Smart Campaigns” supported by Machine Learning. A new era of Google Ads begins.

Why are we the right Google Ads agency for you?

Our eight-person marketing team has the professional and technical expertise to guide you through the creation and execution of Google Ads. While our Google Ads Agency takes care of the advertising campaigns tailored to your needs in the world’s most used search engine, you can concentrate fully on the core business tasks.

Display marketing

Online advertising is undergoing a profound change. The classic text ads seem boring, which can have a negative impact on the decreasing attention span of potential customers and ultimately on the conversion rate. This is prompting advertisers and brands to rethink their advertising design. Today, online advertising has a multifunctional character by providing information about an offer on the one hand and creating a positive mood on the other. The sales and entertainment factor is equally important.

Numerous companies and brands have recognised that graphic advertising media provide a positive user experience. The solution is Display Marketing, which works primarily with graphic elements and provides a wide range of advertising options. In addition to classic banner advertising, advertisers can choose from other advertising formats such as layer ads, pop-ups and skyscrapers. Advertising financing here is based on the rules of performance marketing, where various performance-based price models are used.

Interestingly, display marketing cannot be used solely in the online sector. The growing demand for mobile availability of various web contents and solutions makes a new use of Display Marketing possible. Now potential customers can see an attractively presented display advertisement directly on their mobile devices. In addition, classic display campaigns have long been an integral part of offline advertising in exhibition halls and public places, including airports and train stations.

Why are we the right display marketing agency for you?

Our eight-strong marketing team will be happy to assist you with the smooth planning and implementation of display campaigns on various channels. Our Swiss display marketing agency attaches great importance to ensuring that a display advertisement corresponds to and supports your corporate image.


Owning your own website has become a standard for all companies and brands that attach great importance to visibility on the web. Its easy accessibility makes it the perfect place to present your company. The most important facts and figures, an irresistible Unique Selling Point (USP), current projects and authentic customer reviews are not to be missed. A thematic blog and an online shop with a specialized sales offer often complement the web presence.

Although the web design can be customized, there are some common aspects that companies and brands should strictly observe when creating a website. In addition to uncompromising data security, a well-structured menu and the logical sequence of operating steps are particularly important. In addition, a responsive web design (RWD) and a fast loading time can ensure a high degree of user-friendliness. A quick look at the website is usually enough to form an opinion about a company or brand.

The overall user experience is therefore the backbone of a successful web presence, which aims to provide potential customers with relevant information and positive emotions. The clarity of content, transparency and high entertainment value are of great importance. In any case, the web design must be in line with the corporate identity if the companies represented on the Internet want to build a positive brand image and enjoy a high recognition value.

Why are we the right web design agency for you?

If you are planning to create a new website or are considering a rebranding project, our Swiss web design agency will be happy to assist you. Our eight-member marketing team will provide you with comprehensive and individual advice. It also offers practical web design support that you will be proud of.

Lead Generation

The digitalization of the corporate world does not exclude personal communication with potential and existing customers. On the contrary: Digital innovations make it clear to companies and brands that they will never replace a direct customer approach, but that they can largely support it. An authentic dialogue, characterized by politeness and courtesy, is exactly what prospects and customers expect today when they contact companies and brands.

In the digital space, lead generation lends itself to winning over new customers by collecting their data and making further contact. The leads generated in this way are basically used to build up the contact network and ultimately the goal of building up regular customers. It is important to ensure that the sales offer arouses real interest among potential customers. Those lead campaigns that miss the right target group have no chance of success in e-mail marketing.

Subscribing to a newsletter, registering as a new customer or participating in a competition are the best-known tools for generating leads. Many companies and brands also resort to product samples and coupons, thanks to which they obtain valuable customer data. The incentives that are sent out have the task of inspiring potential customers to take up the offer and motivate them to buy. Those companies and brands that conduct a customer dialogue based on leads gain a better understanding of their customers.

Why is our lead generation agency the right partner for you?

Our own platform “win4win”, on which you can conduct tailor-made competitions, is an optimal solution for your campaign. While you always have full control, our Swiss lead generation agency will take care of the rest. The creation and maintenance of a landing page is part of this, along with marketing and database maintenance.

Email marketing

E-mail communication remains one of the most important forms of communication in online marketing, even if it seems to be controversial in certain situations due to current data protection issues. If the e-mail is directed specifically at a single person, so-called one-to-one communication takes place. If it is sent to several addressees, this is known as one-to-many communication. The latter can degenerate into unwanted spam if it takes on intrusive forms. The resulting economic damage is enormous.

This gives reason to take e-mail marketing seriously and combine it with your own marketing strategy. Well thought-out e-mail communication that is aligned with the corporate or brand philosophy works wonders. It creates trust, which turns into a feeling of familiarity. Which builds up a good reputation and strengthens long-term customer loyalty. In the initial phase of market opening, professional e-mail communication allows you to stand out from the competition and underline your decisive competitive advantage.

Why are we the right e-mail marketing agency for you?

Our eight-member marketing team will advise you on how a good mailing or newsletter should look like in order to address potential and existing customers in a targeted manner. In addition, our Swiss e-mail marketing agency will carry out first-class mailing campaigns for you that offer real added value.




A professional and convincing web design is no longer sufficient to effectively address the target group. The search engines like Google, Bing and Co. have an enormous influence on whether companies and brands can be found quickly in the digital space. Google plays a special role here, with a market share of around 90 percent. SEO comes in handy, whose main goal is to increase the visibility of the website on the net and consequently boost the conversion rate.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It comprises a whole bundle of measures that are taken in the onpage and offpage area. In the first case, these are content, structural and technical adjustments that are made within the website with the aim of improving its ranking position in search engines. In contrast, off-page optimisation focuses on those activities that take place outside the website. Backlinks are especially addressed here.

The SEO experts point out that there are a number of influencing factors to be considered in search engine optimization. Well-designed content marketing with strong consideration of industry-relevant keywords and high-quality content promotes a good position in Google search results. Without this, companies and brands find it very difficult to build up their web presence and secure long-term market leadership. SEO is not a one-off task, but rather a continuous process in which regular success analysis and evaluation are essential in an online marketing strategy.

Why are we the right SEO agency for you?

It is not easy to plan and implement SEO measures in the onpage and offpage area. Search engine optimization requires a complex approach, where professional and technical know-how is essential. Our Swiss SEO agency has experienced SEO experts on board, who will gladly guide you through this important process.

Content writing

Consumers are critical of intrusive advertising. Many of them use various adblockers to ensure that they only consume the desired web content. At the same time, experience shows that digital consumers are very interested in high-quality content. This refers to content that appears to be informative and entertaining – in short, content that offers added value to the readership. Those companies and brands that give high priority to good content are on the winning side.

With the use of content marketing, not only can new target groups be developed, but also long-term opinion leadership in one’s own market niche can be established. The regular publication of industry-relevant content also strengthens confidence building and brand awareness. In addition, it should not be forgotten that valuable content is an effective instrument for generating leads. Here, it is worth increasing reader engagement, which in turn has a positive effect on customer acquisition and retention.

In addition to a classic blog, which can be optimally integrated into the existing website, the most popular formats in content marketing include picture series and infographics, video contributions and podcasts, studies and online surveys. Native Advertising is another interesting alternative for the presentation of your own web content to the general public. Regardless of which content types companies and brands choose, the entire content strategy and a target group-oriented communication plan must be carefully considered.

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Magento support

In times of digital change, e-commerce is an integral part of the web presence. Every company that starts an online shop has a high potential to reach the desired customers in the digital space in a targeted manner and to increase its own online turnover. However, the development and continuous maintenance of an online shop requires a bundle of measures that guarantee customers an unforgettable shopping experience. Magento offers everything that companies and customers need for quality and service-oriented e-commerce.

Magento is an e-commerce software developed on the basis of Zend Framework (ZF) and was made available as an open source project in 2008. Over time, Magento has evolved into a comprehensive digital commerce platform that offers a range of tools and extensions. Particularly worth mentioning are useful B2B functions, business intelligence features and the integration of social media, which can expand a classic online shop system almost indefinitely. This is also the reason why Magento has won several awards.

This comprehensive digital commerce platform can be used very well in both the B2C and B2B sectors. It is flexible enough to meet individual company needs and constantly growing market requirements. Depending on size and industry, companies can choose between Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce, which is subject to a fee. Medium and large companies in particular benefit greatly from the second version. For those companies that are active in the B2B sector, the B2B Edition is also available.

Why are we the right Magento agency for you?

Are you toying with the idea of creating an online shop, but don’t know if Magento offers the best solution for your project? Our Swiss Magento Agency will clarify all open questions and concerns in this regard. In addition, our experienced in-house professionals will assist you with a complete setup of a new online shop, regular maintenance and optimization as well as the connection of your IT systems and social networks.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Social media are changing the way people live, work and communicate with each other. In recent years, they have become a very influential marketing tool aimed at boosting online sales. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Co. have long since not only determined social interaction patterns, but they are also actively contributing to a new buying and consumption behaviour. In doing so, they primarily appeal to the younger customer generations Y and Z.

As digital natives, they increasingly use social media to find out about the products and services they want. In addition to the necessary background information about the respective offer, they are looking for authentic communication that is characterised by spontaneity and courtesy on the part of the advertising companies. In this respect, influencers have a very special role to play. Their primary task is to create brand awareness and a feeling of familiarity.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing is becoming increasingly important not only for B2C companies. A growing number of B2B companies recognize that Social Selling has a high potential that needs to be properly exploited. More and more B2B companies are taking advantage of this opportunity and participating in business networks such as XING, LinkedIn and Co., where they can expand their customer network on the one hand and acquire expert status on the other. By using industry-specific influencer campaigns, they are actively working on customer acquisition.

Why are we the right social media agency for you?

Our eight-strong marketing team will be happy to help you plan and implement social media campaigns on various channels. Our expert support ranges from strategic consulting to building and maintaining a social media presence to tailor-made social media design. Our Swiss social media agency is committed to responding quickly and reliably to the individual needs of all customers


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